Surfing at Toms Hardware is always an interesting experience. Aspiring gamers can window shop over there, while seasoned pros can get a whiff of latest technology. The essentials of PC gaming requires, best graphic cards, sound cards, a powerful cooling system, a great processor and high memory.

Depending on how you define “best PC specs”, is it enough to run Crysis 3? Rumor has it that it has brought even the mightiest PCs to their knees. However, while doing so, Crysis 3 brings something extraordinary to the table. Yes, the storyline might suck a little, but when it’s about breathtaking graphics – so much so that you can see the water ripples in real time, you know your PC isn’t up to it.

Crysis 3 - Main Screen Screenshot

Crysis 3 Vs. Crysis 2, Vs. the Significant Others:

Today’s graphics cards are not just about running games; they are about giving a visual treat. There was a time, and I am not saying that these days there isn’t, when gamers prioritized storyline over graphics. Right now, whenever a game developer creates an engine, they are showcasing their skills to the entire world.

Crysis 3 - A View to Kill

Crysis 3 is sublime in every sense – at least in every single way that has to do with pixel perfection. It is not just a game; it is an artwork, an interactive artwork that you can loathe, appreciate and fall in love with at the same time. The credit goes to Crytek’s latest version, an engine that the company has been working their ass off for years.

Breathtaking Landscaping in Crysis 3

Quite frankly, if you ask me, I was sold when I saw that toad jump out of the water. It was from Crysis 3 tech demo; I know that the developers showed the green guy for fun. But DAMN, will you look at that fine ass texture detail on the toad? It was completely something new.

Bitch I’m Fabulous – Crysis 3 Toad is a Marvel to Look at

The Fabulous Frog from Crysis 3 Technology

Crysis 3 is the latest installment in the Crysis franchise. It is not just a Triple A level first person shooter anymore. If you are playing this game on PC, which I would highly recommend, you NEED to have some serious graphics, memory and performance hardware under that chassis. The third installment promises to bring your system to its knees – mind it, it’s not a joke.

Crysis 3 Minimum Settings Suck

I played Crysis 3 on Xbox 360 the first time. Since I have a JTAG Xbox 360, I figured that I might as well download the bootleg copy and give it a shot. Was it impressive? First 10 minutes into the game, I already started getting bored. I had to buy the official Crysis 3 PC game to fully test its potential – and that I did, bro, that I did…

The Storyline? I have been bitching about the Crysis 3 as something not too impressive. Well, the fact is that the story makers could have made it better. We have practically the same game, other than graphics, which kind of feels like Crysis 2. You have to manage your Nanosuit in a dystopian CELL/ Alien infested America.

The best thing is the tropical look, an abandoned but overgrown New York City, buses turned over, smoke comin’ out from here and there, and an overall tropical look. Lush green environment, with patches of water, rubble and a post war feeling is what Crysis 3 reeks of. Slap some next gen visuals and you are going to be drooling all over your monitor for hours to come.

Crysis 3 Benchmarks – Is Your Graphics Card Ready for the Bout?

Before I start with the Crysis 3 graphics card benchmarks, I’d like to clear the air here. I have emphasized that graphics cards are an important element to gaming, but they are not everything. Other hardware accessories matter too.

At Low Details, the Water Still Looks Cool in Crysis 3

Realtime Water Ripples in Crysis 3 Look so Damn Good

If you have a powerful next gen graphic card, maybe an Nvidia or an ATI series card, hats off to you. How about the rest of your PC specs? A shitty motherboard that only supports a low class processor, and minimal RAM to run the game will only “run” it on either medium or slightly above medium settings. The low specs will take a toll on your system during in game performance.

You’ll think, “Okay, I have a great graphics card, how come there are lags and choppy spikes?” That, my friend, is where you RAM; its bus speed, your processor and motherboard come in. Invest heavily in core computer accessories and in two way SLI / Crossfire graphics card configuration to get the most out of your gaming ventures.

Crysis 3 – Low Detail Stats and Benchmarks:

Predominantly, Crysis 3 is a resource hungry game. If you have a DirectX 11 compatible card, with enough memory on it, you will be able to run the game. At least, you will be able to get a hang of the Crysis 3 environment and what the overall visuals look like at basic settings.

Low Detail Benchmark in Crysis 3 - Toms Hardware

The entry level Nvidia 210 series boards were excluded; they are no longer cool in sense of playable performance. The baseline benchmark comprises:

  • Low Detail Crysis 3 Presets
  • Medium Level Textures
  • 4X Anisotropic Filtering

Motion Blur and Lens Flare were turned On initially. But I figured out that it was taking a bite out of the playable performance, so I had to turn it off, alongside Antialiasing as well. Sorry, bro.

Low Detail Frame Rate Stats Over Time in Crysis 3 – As Seen at Tom’s Hardware

Low Detail Frame Rate Stats in Crysis 3 - Toms Hardware

On the subject of playing Crysis 3 with a minimum level graphics card, forget about ATI Radeon HD 6450 and the ATI Radeon 6670 DDR3. Both these cards are good if seen from the perspective of their class. However, you are matching Crysis 3 against them, so you need something better with minimum frame rates for the PC.

Playable level of Crysis 3 is a minimum of 30 – 33 FPS. I think this much frame rate is essential to help you get through most of the plots. During explosions, new loading sequences and facing multiple bad guys scenarios, the frame rate will drop to 20, or even below that. That’s why I had to exclude the ATI Radeon HD 6670 DDR3. This card hits 20ms, hence giving an unplayable performance on Crysis 3.

Okay, Nvidia guys, listen up. If you have a GeForce GT 630, it is no longer a sound option for Crysis 3 experience. At least, with my system rigs, and by my standards, the GeForce GT 630 rendered unplayable frame rates. The card can run the game, but stutters and lags wont let you do shit!

It will take a minimum of ATI Radeon HD 7700 and a GeForce GTX 650 level graphics card to maintain the 30 – 33 FPS limit. The overall spread between the frame rates will go slightly above 33, whenever you are directly looking at the Crysis 3 grounds, or have your head high facing the skies.

Low Detail Settings Benchmark Stats in Crysis 3 – Tom’s Hardware

Low Detail Benchmark Stats in Crysis 3 - As seen on Tom's Hardware

It felt strange when I noticed a sudden spike in frame rate. That being said, there were clipping issues that I am not able to explain yet. However, it was a less dramatic impact – nothing that at least a fan boy will notice. Overall, there were no crashes and the low details Crysis 3 benchmarks survived the 30 FPS standard at 1280 X 720 and 1920 X 1080 resolution.

Crysis 3 High Detail Stats and Benchmarks:

I intentionally blanked out Medium Details. Frankly, it was too much writing and wasn’t worth it. If you want to contribute your Medium Crysis 3 Details, alongside system specs, feel free to write to us at

The high details ate the most out of my graphics card, RAM and processor threads. They were worth it though. 

  • Lens Flare Crysis 3 Enabled
  • Motion Blur set to Low
  • Anisotropic Filtering set to 8X
  • SMAA 2X
  • Texture Filtering
  • Antialiasing Enabled

I used the ATI Radeon HD 7770 and the GeForce GTX 650Ti edition graphics cards. At High performance settings, visuals were very nice, but they kind of slowed down the cards. However, on 2 way SLI and Crossfire, there were minimal lags and performance outages. The frame rate remained steady without sudden variance.

High Detail Crysis 3 Frame Rate Stats - Tom's Hardware

At 1680 X 1050 resolution, there was an average and an excess of 40 FPS in Crysis 3 high detail settings. Later on, when I switched to the Radeon HD 7950, a high number of frame rates and increased visuals was seen. As compared to rest of the cards, the ATI Radeon HD 7950 fared well on high details in Crysis 3. Kudos to you ATI.

High Detail Settings Frame Rate Stats in Crysis 3 - Tom's Hardware

That being said, I am an Nvidia bitch. I have been using Nvidia cards for over 5 years now. ATI is a good brand but personally, I always use Nvidia cards at the end of the day. Maybe I am too used to them or call it brand loyalty.  With the GeForce GTX 650 Ti, the average frame rate was 30 FPS in Crysis 3. High details were demanding but the GTC 650Ti did well.

Switching to the GeForce Nvidia GTX 670 brought increased frame rate and visual details. Higher screen resolutions, and that too on high details in Crysis 3 did not affect the frame rate. The cards sailed smoothly. I have a friend who has a Gigabyte Nvidia GeForce 670 and he said that Crysis 3 ran fine on Ultra settings.

After testing the Ultra setting details, I found out that the asshole was lying. Nope, at least on ultra settings in Crysis 3, one GTC 670 is not enough. You will need 2 way or quad way SLI graphics card configuration and a heavy duty motherboard + processor + RAM combo.

Crysis 3 Ultra/ Very High Detail Stats and Benchmarks:

Time to crank up the graphics settings to highest level in Crysis 3. These details were heckuva demanding experience for my graphics card, but I got the best visual experience ever. After all, very high details are what this game was meant for. If you don’t have the money to purchase a bad ass graphics card, a processor, a motherboard and RAM, save some. It is worth it.

Very High Details in Crysis 3 – Stats from Toms Hardware

Very High Details in Crysis 3 - Frame Rate Stats

  • SMAA set to 2X (Because the Crysis 3 settings were Ultra)
  • Motion Blur is High
  • Lens Flare On / High
  • 1920 X 1080 Resolution Preset

At very high details, Crysis 3 lags sometimes. It is not possible to notch up Antialiasing to full scale and then expect to see the game running smoothly. You will need Quad SLI / Crossfire configuration to do so. I did 2 way SLI / Crossfire and both the high end Nvidia and ATI cards did well.

Frame Rates over time at Very High Details in Crysis 3 - Tom's Hardware

The average frame rate was 30 FPS at very high settings in Crysis 3. I tried the Nvidia GeForce 660 Ti at these settings but the card was struggling. Not worth inserting and removing from your PCI express slot. For very high settings, I used the GeForce Titan GTX and the GeForce 680; without a doubt, the best graphics cards of their class.

The $1,000 Nvidia GeForce Titan – Pure Bad-assry

Ferocious Graphics Power - The $1,000 Nvidia GeForce Titan

The best combat experience was seen on these settings. For sub standard card owners, I will not recommend very high settings in Crysis 3. If you wish to proceed, that is a completely different matter. For entry level enthusiasts, I’d recommend the ATI Radeon HD 7750 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 650. It is a $110 – $150 expense, but it’s more than enough to run Crysis 3 on Low Detail settings.