I dabble in playing video games a lot; it helps me distract my mind from the aftermath of real life chores. Isn’t this what we all do from the comfort of our homes, offices and sometimes even work places?

Yesterday, while I was looking for online flash games websites, I stumbled upon ‘Daily Brain Puzzle’, you can visit them at www.dailybrainpuzzle.com . It is a cool website with a sleek and elegant intake on offering simple, but effective games that don’t have to be installed separately to get things going.

Good stuff about ‘Daily Brain Puzzle’ video games:

If this is your first visit to DailyBrainPuzzle.com, you will see a collage of flash games at the homepage. I ignored the grinning monkey image at the top, and scrolled down to explore the rest of the content because that’s where some fun stuff is usually lying around. From what I gather, here are the things that you, or any other web games aficionado would love:

  • Collection of many videogames from different categories. Each category relates to memory tests, cognitive skills, puzzle solvers etc.
  • Most of the games have short overall gameplay time duration, which is okay to maintain attention span.
  • Quick load up times in the browser.
  • Nice integration of graphics, special effects, and soundtracks for each game.

The first title on my list was Rome Puzzle. At first, viewers may think that it’s a revamped version of Candy Crush, but that’s not it. Though each level starts with somewhat similar concept, but you end up gaining resources which you can spend to build a thriving empire!

The next title was Memory Test game, a show and tell series of different rounds where you must memorize colors and associate them with various tiles. Why I liked Memory Test so much? It is very helpful when it comes to increasing cognitive skills and photographic memory. Also for the kids in the family, it is a nice treat with blend of colors, music, and attention to detail to help harness brain’s learning capabilities.

Last but not the least, I did end up clicking the grinning monkey at the Dailybrainpuzzle.com homepage; it was beginning to get enticing! The idea is simple, i.e. to spot a said number of differences in both pictures, but it needs more concentration from end users. On the upside, the images were not static; they were animated, which is why it was a great way of taking out my frustration while trying to spot the difference.

Why visit Daily Brain Puzzle?

Dailybrainpuzzle.com may have the same “age old” idea of offering flash video games on the web, but the reason I’d recommend them is alluded to the increasing collection of popular, and original, titles at the same time altogether. The games are segmented to maintain interest levels, brain skills development and overall learning curve for adults and kids alike – that is something worth looking forward to every few days.

However, I’d recommend they brush up interface and website colors to add value to overall experience. They could replace the schema of flat colors with a batch of color palettes to take the visual appeal to the next few levels or so.