screenshot of a works in progress map of skyrim through mod kit

The 5th installment of Elder Scrolls V Skyrim hasn’t been released yet. However, Bethesda, the developers behind this highly anticipated title, are doing their best to maintain the user interest level. Recently, it was announced by Nick Breckon of Bethesda that the new installment of the Elder Scrolls series will have a Creation Tool Kit.

You can also call it a Mod Kit, because both of them are primarily going to serve the same purpose in this game. Generally speaking, the inclusion of this added software kit will increase the replayability factor of the game. You can install the mod kit, add some new levels, throw in some characters and play the game as per your own style.

Top it all off with next gen graphics, interlaced lights, soft shadows and stunning environmental, and Gothic series developers will be hammering their heads in dismay. The modding tool kit news was also confirmed at the official Elder Scrolls Skyrim forums. You can head over there to take a look at the upcoming nitty gritties.