I know for a fact that Square Enix will eventually release Final Fantasy XV for PC gamers. The question is when is that going to happen? So far, rumors suggest that it is going to be released sometime after the game’s highly anticipated release on consoles. Maybe the PC version of Final Fantasy XV can take months (*i.e. IF the company has been secretly working already on a PC port), or almost a year to get released, but it is going to be out there sooner or later.


Do you know why? The sole reason is that game developers do not look at “exclusivity” anymore. They spend a lot of money on creating games these days, the resources take time, energy and finances to reach a final shape – therefore these companies have to not only reach the breakthrough point, but also make more money in form of profit.

Enough of the economics lessons. The simple and plain thing is that there are hardly anymore console or PC restricted exclusive titles anymore, except for the few famous. As for Final Fantasy XV, the Director of the game: Hajime Tabata, in an interview said, “Although we do not have a specific date for Final Fantasy XV PC release, since it is going to be released on PS4 and Xbox One, if we did work on another version (*PC), it would be better than what we have on consoles.”

In addition, Mr. Tabata also said, “We could say that something like this could take us a year but there is a more technically developed idea of Final Fantasy XV PC version. This would be an opportunity to release a version far superior in terms of quality and tech. The PC version is under consideration.”

Not only that, but the Final Fantasy XV developers seem to have a likeminded approach. For instance, they are inclined on releasing various updates of the game which would further improve the gameplay experience. I already know a few people who got access to full PS4 versions of Final Fantasy XV waayyy before its release because of it being leaked/ or unofficially released in some parts of the world.

A friend of mine already confirmed that the Final Fantasy XV Day One patch is over 7 Gb in size, which is a testament to the kind of revisions we can look forward to eventually. As for the PC edition of this game, I think we can all agree that the wheels are turning in the right direction. They already released Final Fantasy VIII, IX, X, XIII and some other titles for the PC, so why hold back on Final Fantasy XV?

To all the PC players out there, it is just a matter of waiting; the game will be available soon. Just hang in there – and you know what the best part would be? The ability to maximize graphics, use 3rd party graphics overhaul software, such as SweetFX for Final Fantasy XV, and tons of other mods are going to make this game worth the wait and  an equally rewarding experience for the entire PC gaming community.