I have been playing Destiny since the day it was launched. Being a loyalist so far, I pre-ordered Bungie’s latest expansion: Rise of Iron over a week ago. First, because I didn’t want to waste time on the expansion download, and secondly, I had been busy scrapping bit of available information about all kinds of exotic weapons, purple gear, new light level etc; you know, pretty basic stuff that any Destiny fan would look for in anticipation of the title.


That being said, this post is not actually the Rise of Iron review. If you are interested in a review, you can read or watch videos at any other website. Most of them have a draft copy and YouTube Livestreaming already up by now.

On the contrary, the point of writing about Destiny: Rise of Iron is to offer a perspective from an ordinary gamer’s point of view. I will definitely write a review later, but for now, I want to talk about things that went down right till the 11th hour of a successful login attempt.

Engrams VS. rumors about Rise of Iron:

At Reddit and several other websites, especially dedicated to Destiny: Rise of Iron, a lot of player had the same question, i.e. whether or not to decrypt engrams during the last few days before the release of the game. In my experience, majority of the players said that saving up on engrams until the expansion’s release day was a good idea because this way the CryptDick guy would give you newer items, hence saving up on time and effort to farm for them etc.

The other percentage of the players was of the view that it would be useless saving up on engrams because decrypting year 2 engrams in year 3 would only give you the same old year 2 gear. Looks like the decision to keep those engrams saved until later was in our best interest. Not only did my engrams decrypt to new random Rise of Iron weapons, armor and other things, but it also saved me a couple of hours as well.


However, I did find out that decrypting Exotic year two engrams only gave me year two item. I had this one Exotic weapon engram which was dropped during Skolas Revenge in Prison of Elders. I played that instance just a day before the Rise of Iron release, and I also used Three of Coins to increase my chances. Turns out that when I decrypted it today, it gave me the ‘Bad Juju’ gun. Now I already had a Bad Juju from an earlier drop, but the latter one had higher attack power as if it was optimized by default for Rise of Iron.

I don’t know how it happened but it did. However, stats wise, the new Bad Juju wasn’t that much buffed, so I simply discarded it for an exotic shard. Also, to state that keeping your Cryptology level slightly short of hitting the next level cap was also a good decision. While decrypting the items, as soon as I hit the next Cryptology level, Mr. CryptDick gave me a random purple package consisting of new gear that best suited Rise of Iron.

The servers down or player queue dilemma:

Any popular online game, on its first day of expansion release, encounters a surge in player traffic stats from all over the world. The phenomenon also results in unexpected issues at player side. Today, Bungie also had to face these technical issues with the release of the Year 3 content. I had to wait for several hours until I was able to log in.

I’d say that Bungie was not prepared for this. Maybe they knew that such issues could arise but shit happens at the 11th hour, doesn’t it? Basically, it took me two to three hours to connect. I could see some of my friends playing destiny, but I had to be among the unfortunate ones.

What happened was that Bungie got a shit load of people logging in, which cramped the servers to the maximum capacity. Things went out of hand for few hours. They introduced the Player Queue system but it really didn’t help because I swear to God that when I logged in over an hour after the Rise of Iron launch time, my number was exactly 44050 in the queue!!!

I turned my PS4 off in frustration and signed back again after over an hour. This time my number in queue was at 21050 or something. However, within another forty to fifty minutes, I tried logging in again and BAM! It went smooth as fuck.

Anyhow, I have finished several quests in the new story mode. I did try the Heroic strike mode out of curiosity but it didn’t bode well. The enemy basically one shot us the whole time. Other Fireteam members had to call it quits.

Overall, it is a very good game and Bungie has drifted in a nice direction with the introduction of several new things. The weapon infusion and other features have branched off into different possibilities for players. I will be writing another detailed review over the weekend probably, because I am swamped with all the things that the Rise of Iron has to offer right now.

Good luck and do let me know how your experience went on day one of the expansion release.