I remember playing C&C games back in the days when DOS used to be a well-known operating system. Of course, the game ran on windows, but the only reason I mentioned Windows is because I had to run the OS through DOS. It was a Windows 98 Edition back then; kind of nifty, ain’t it?

screenshot from c&c video game on pc

Speaking of Command and Conquer, Electronic Arts is famous for a lot of other titles that ran on DOS. There was “Risky Woods”; I’m sure the modern generation hasn’t played it. Damn, it was a great game and I loved crossing those enemy stricken woods. The first time I played that game; it went on for 14 hours straight. By the way, if you have got a copy of Risky Woods, you can press “QWERTY” at the main screen to enable basic cheat codes.

Coming to the current era, EA’s fans have overseen tons and thousands of games. Command and Conquer, as I mentioned before, is one of those games. It hasn’t always been perfect; some of its versions really sucked. But still, the overall fan base and response has been quite well.

Just a while ago, I read that Electronic Arts is giving another shot to this game. The website that initially came up with this news was taken down by EA officials. I guess they don’t like the idea of someone talking about their business.

The interesting tidbits are out though. Van Caneghem, developer of Might and Magic and various other games, was quoted saying, “I can tell you it’s a Command & Conquer game for the PC, but we’re not yet at a stage where I can go into any details—we’ll be prepared to make a more formal announcement later in the year,” he added. “We’re not just working on a game, though. Our general focus is on the future of Command & Conquer.”

Now here’s the big deal. EA has been walking around with this news for over a year now. They did talk about extending the C&C franchise with the addition of a new title, but up until now, nothing has come to the screen. Maybe it’s going to be another E3 until the world croons with cries of the biggest RPG ever.

Interesting piece of news, I will be spying in on it to bring more updates.