The official Toon Barn image of Kingdom Hearts recoded edition

The Kingdom Hearts video game series has always been loved in one form or another. I tried this game once on the PS2; got stuck up in a level and never came back to it. But anyways, the point is that despite of getting stuck with the same NPCs and weird enemies, I still liked the game as long as it lasted. Those who have played its several installments, and had the honor of completely finishing them, have more reasons to fall in love with this game.

The latest version of Kingdom Hearts is for Nintendo DS, it’s the remake of the original “Kingdom Hearts Coded” version that was released for the Japanese mobile phone gamers. “Re:coded” takes off with the story of Jiminy Cricket, who happened to discover a cryptic line in one of his journals. “Their hurting will be mended when you return to end it”, he didn’t write this line.

In order to crunch out its meanings, Jiminy Cricket, with the help of King Mickey, digitizes the contents of his journal. Several minutes past, you’ll find different digitized characters who have been summoned by Mickey to help the duo find answers to the unanswered questions. They all embark on a journey that leads to the heart of the corruption.

Once again, the key shaped weapon is back. This time, the player gets attacked from all sides; hence the need to swish swash the Keyblade is quite frequent. The entire gameplay is based on different styles: there’s turn based style, shooting sequences and real time combat to keep the players’ interest levels intact.

Multiplayer it is then…

There’s also a wireless tagged mode for players to set matches online. You can also create and exchange avatars just for fun’s sake. The game has been known to be extremely colorful and vibrant. As far as the Playstation 3 fans are concerned, you can wait for Kingdom Hearts III to be released somewhere in the future.