They don’t have a proper name for it, because a user at Left 4 Dead 2 community website released this patch. His User ID is “Death’s Door”, the guy who primarily custom built and released the latest game mod for free.

the famous zombie clown from l4d2 game series

In case you haven’t checked in on Left 4 Dead 2 community place, it’s known as ‘Community Mutations”, a platform where different modders and editors gather to give way to their contributions. Here’s how the latest patch works:

  • If you go down on health, your misery is put to an end through a kick. Yes, you’re made to leave the online multiplayer room.
  • It means that the conventional “hey lend me your medkit” ways are not going to support your case. It’s every man out there for himself, trying to deal with a bunch of nasty man eating zombies.
  • Death’s Door’s latest mod motivates people to work as a team.

As it is generally seen, some people don’t heed to the warnings of their team leader. Hence they try to go ahead and try to be a hero by attempting to shoot the zombies singlehandedly. For those fellas, it is strongly advised that they hold their ground as one, because the mod notches up on difficulty levels rather quickly.