Legend of zelda turns 25 today

You have heard of Mario, the highly popular video game character? Yeah, he’s an Italian plumber who likes to dig deep in big pipes, eat mushrooms, and collect coins on his way. Mario was one of the very few characters that were created by Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the most famous game developers of all time.

Shigeru Miyamoto also developed Zelda from The Legend of Zelda series. Today happens to be the 25th birthday of Zelda, and the credit goes to millions and millions of fans who fell in love with this game. Zelda dates back to 21st February 1986, back when I was 2 year old. It was the first time when the NES version of The Legend of Zelda hit the counters.

The storyline was so perfectly developed that one year later, Zelda was being hailed with an equal amount of love, respect and anticipation in the U.S. Since then, we’ve all seen and heard about tons of different sequels of this game. Some of its editions were revealed on Nintendo Wii, while others headed for different platforms.

A fun fact for you all: The first installment of Zelda was shipped in a Floppy Disk. It was the first game that brandished the facility of saving your progress directly on the cartridge. Let’s give it up for The Legend of Zelda, the fanciest and the most fantabulous game of all times.

P.S.: I only played one installment of Zelda on Nintendo Wii.