There is a new breed of players seen in Rockstar Games’ latest installment: Grand Theft Auto V multiplayer mode. These players are logged in via passive mode, and are seen wearing media jackets. The guys are holding smartphone cameras, while they shoot “live” images of in-game violent activities.

Media correspondent in Grand Theft Auto 5

The reaction of other players is somewhat mildly interesting against these media correspondents. While some of the players allow, up, close and personal insight on their criminal activities, others resent by making attack attempts, or by simply fleeing the crime scene.

Meet Christopher Murrie – Your “war correspondent” in GTA V Los Santos:

Real life filmmaker and photographer Christopher Murrie started playing Grand Theft Auto V recently in passive mode. His in-game character is dressed up in camo pants, a black helmet, and a plain jacket with the word: Media written at the backside. It is impossible for other players to attack Chris’s character because of the passive mode.

Likewise, Chris can shoot every in-game activity, but he cannot attack other players because of the passive mode’s limitations. The guy started posting updates concerning his activities in a dedicated Subreddit at the social media network. Already, the group has more than 200 active members who take keen interest in Murrie’s work.

Christopher Murrie's GTA V photo of a theft gone bad

He writes, “It is fun. Most people seem to have fun with it, but there is always one guy who can’t stop trying to run me over. And they are always dressed as some ridiculous ICP Clown nonsense…

Soon after Christopher Murrie’s activities became popular, another user used his idea and applied it to his own subreddit. However, Murrie convened his group under “Media Lens” name – and because of its originality, it is more popular than the other group.

If you are interested in taking part in Media Lens Grand Theft Auto V photography contests, or just want to get updated info regarding “firsthand images of the war zone that is San Andreas,” don’t forget to visit Murrie’s GTA V Media Lens reddit page.

I think this is where my role as a filmmaker influences things for me. I like trying to capture as much narrative in a single image as I can. What is really great about this process in GTA Online is that you have to actively seek those moments out and have good timing and luck to be in the right place at the right time,” writes Chris in response to a game studio representative.