Mileena, the sweet, svelte and curvaceous La Femme Fatale, has made it to the news with a brand new profile. All thanks to Mortal Kombat developers and Shang Tsung (he’s the only one who commands this B*tch), I saw a 3 minute footage of Mileena prancing around and chopping heads.

Speaking of her story, she’s in the Mortal Kombat tournament to take down some old enemies. Hang on for a bit of hardcore Girl on Girl action because this wretched woman is here to do some business. Generally speaking, MK has earned itself the reputation of one of the most mature rated games.

MK’s theme line as always been same in one case or another – usually it’s an emperor (Shao Kahn this time), who finally defeats a noble warlord (Raiden). The history of the arena will be rewritten and repainted in blood of the fallen warriors. And blah blah blah, you get the whole idea guys. The game is all set for a release on April 26th – 2011, which is exactly 18 days after my Birthday J Stay tuned for it on Xbox 360 and PS3.