Player holding nintendo 3ds in his hands

It’s another day in the tech world, and yet another round of news from Nintendo guys. By the way, several hours ago, I was logged on to Twitter and this piece of news was already there. Soon enough, Pete Cashmore’s ugly mug dropped down and re-tweeted the same thing. However, I’m sure that some of you still haven’t heard of the current slew of events at Nintendo Headquarters.

The 3DS’s Japan launch info was released a while ago. There was some sort of speculation about the $350 price tag (that’s a thick wad of cash). Over here at New York, Nintendo officials said that the price of the handheld console will be $250. It’s still a lot of price but at least it’s a $100 less than the original amount.

If you’re thinking that Nintendo 3DS will be offered in America with the same kind of perks, benefits and goodies, then think twice. A hundred bucks drop in the price definitely means that the developers are going to snatch away some bundled games. You’ll be getting a 2G MicroSD card, some software products, a 3D camera, 3D movie player and that’s about it.

Nintendo has lined up 30 games for now. They’ll be released on the 3DS from time to time, until March 2011. Let’s keep our heads high, fingers ready and pockets full of cash.