Good news for Nintendo 3DS owners: Ubisoft has announced a couple of titles that will be released anytime soon. These titles were formally announced, so you’re not in the position of questioning the legitimacy of this news. Wow, that came a little too harsh. I just meant that the titles have been confirmed by the officials.

Okay, within the next 6 months of 2011, you’re going to be in for some exciting releases for Nintendo 3DS. These games are going to take full advantage of the new 3D technology, which means that the games will have amazing graphics and a deep sense of realism. Let alone, even of the gameplay of any title is sucky, “3D” content is enough to attract thousands of players.

Take a look at the following soon-to-be-released Nintendo 3DS games:

title screen for splinter cell 3d on nintendo 3ds

Tom Clancy Splinter Cell:

  • Sam Fisher is back in the action once again, with his sneaky antics and super cool moves. This time, the guy is going to look more real because of the unprecedented inclusion of 3D content. It would be like seeing an actual mini Sam walking right between the palm of your hands.

rayman is playable in 2d and 3d mode on nintendo 3ds

Rayman 3D:

  • The title already says it, its Rayman in 3D form factor. Apart from the neatness in its graphics, I don’t think that the game will have much to look forward to. Nintendo 3DS buffs will love playing it, just for the sake of that three-dimensional feeling.

official title screen image for ghost recon nintendo 3ds

 Ghost Recon:

  • Another intriguing title in Tom Clancy’s game lineup. Its Ghost Recon with its typical first person shooter style, tons of guys to kill in the Multiplayer mode, and nice eye gouging 3D cut scenes.

driver renegade didnt do well in the market

 Driver Renegade:

  • I’m personally a hardcore fan of the Driver series. Just to get a good grip on this game, I think I’ll buy the Nintendo 3DS. Due to the 3D graphical content, I think the epic meter will break up with a loud bang in this game. Can’t wait to assume Tanner’s role in this exclusive title.

Combat of Giants Dinosaurs official poster for nintendo 3ds consoles

 Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D:

  • This game will target kids within the 7 – 10-year-old age group. As usual, there will be a cataclysmic 1 vs. 1 battle based combat system. Not a good value for playability, but the graphics will keep you glued to the screen for a while.