I have been playing World of Warcraft, or WoW, as some people like to call it, for a very long time now. Took off from Vanilla WoW days; I loved how Blizzard transitioned into Burning Crusade and I disliked how Wrath of the Lich King turned out to be. I mean, I didn’t hate the Lich King installment but I had a few gripes with it.

I’d say I was still a diehard fan when Blizzard released the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion set. It was several years ago; WoW was interesting; there were tons of mounts, in game items and stuff to explore. Not to forget the fact that they released cool instances every now and then with each patch rollout (they still do), so I was like, “Let’s buy the collector edition of the game).

A friend of mine was coming back from the U.S.A back then and he brought me this Cataclysm Collector Edition. Before that, I already had the classic World of Warcraft BattleChest Edition. It was a great buy because of the fact that I was getting the first two installments of the game, i.e. Vanilla WoW and Burning Crusade as a combo deal.

Closeup Shot of my Cataclysm Collector Edition Box | Infinarium

Why I stopped playing World of Warcraft and want to sell my Cataclysm Collector Edition?

There are several reasons for that. First of all, I would like to discuss the “why” factor. The reason I called it a day after getting done with Cataclysm was because it got boring, and that sense of exclusivity was long gone. I mean there was a time in WoW when you had to really play your ass off to get a certain in game item.


My Old WoW Battlechest Edition Box Set | Infinarium


Later on, the developers introduced the token system and I started seeing newbies with the equivalent of items that elite players once used to have. Where’s the fun in that? For instance, you come out of a 25 man Naxxaramas instance and you are strolling down Dalaran, minding your own business when you see someone wearing a cool armor set.

naxxramas realm's first achievement unlocked 25 man

Casual banter ensues when you realize that this guy got that particular BoP item by grinding for tokens. He didn’t have to set foot in a dungeon and probably he won’t be doing any hardcore instances as long as pugs are there and some items are available through rewards system.

Blizzard’s World of Warcraft lost its exclusivity, especially for players like me who had to skip our college classes to take a few swings at The Black Temple, Gruul and many other vicious enemies.

And what’s the second reason for selling WoW: Cataclysm Collector Edition?

I am starting a business and find myself in need of a little financial assistance. It is not that I am asking for donations or anything; I like to make my own way across all obstacles of life. Plus, the fact that I have been playing World of Warcraft for 9 years, I don’t get much time as I used to when I was in college.


By the way, here is my review-ish approach to the Cataclysm C.E.

What is in the box packaging?

  • You get a very nice World of Warcraft Cataclysm Mouse Pad.
  • A 175 page art book to give an in depth look at the developers mindset.
  • Trading cards X 1 pack.
  • 1 X Cataclysm Installation DVD. I don’t think you will be needing it since you probably downloaded the game via their servers by now.
  • 1 X Cataclysm soundtrack and making DVD.
  • There are also a number of guest pass keys and stuff.
  • In game companion: Lil’ Deathy.

The Cataclysm Art Book: Well, as I stated earlier, it is a 175 pages art book. The book comes in a hardcover edition which is not only a good thing to add to its long life, but also looks visually appealing. The hardcover itself is covered by a loosely fitting laminated paper cover/ sleeve. You can take it off if you want, especially while you are skimming through the book’s high quality pages or using it as a reference guide for digital art work.


An inside look at the Cataclysm Collector’s Edition Art Book | Infinarium

As per the usual art book formula, the Cataclysm art book is divided into several sections. There are pages maintained for NPCs, then you have the environmental concept art, the artistic visual samples of clothing, in game items and etc. – so on and so forth.

The interesting thing is that from the very first page, the art book takes off as a fantasy story like approach. There is an “official” letter signed off by an in game character. The contents of the letter bear warning about hard times to come, the awakening of the dragon and destruction of the world. Some art pieces depict the legendary battle between Garrosh and well…. a mysterious character that you will have to see for yourself.


The Cataclysm Soundtrack and Making DVD: The next interesting item is the official Cataclysm Soundtrack DVD in this collector edition. There is a very nice collection of 17 orchestral tracks, all ranging from soothing to epic sound effects. Blizzard did spend a lot of fortune on hiring professionals and recording their voice over talent for players.

The different soundtracks relate to Durotar, Tanaris, Elwynn Forests and new world zones that are only part of the Cataclysm expansion set. Likewise when we talk about the making DVD, there are video series that give an insight on the creative process at Blizzard. In its entirety, not only the DVDs are of top notch quality, but the content itself is inspiring enough for entrepreneurs and young artists out there.

I mean the thorough explanations by the game developers will help you get a grip on how exactly the game developing process shapes into a final form at Blizzard.

Bonus Game Content: The Deathwing companion only comes with the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm expansion set. It does not exactly serve any real purpose but looks cool as a mini version of the real deal. You do get a feat of strength after enabling your collector edition through your Blizzard Account.

The mouse pad has a sturdy build. Deathwing’s illustration is printed across it, with the official World of Warcraft logo. I Razer optical mouse, so I never had to use the mouse pad. It is good for players who either want to use it for the old gaming mice, or just want to place it on their computer desk as a tribute to the Warcraft game series.

And finally, the Wrathgate cards deck comes with the standard edition cards, except for one unique Gift look card. I don’t think I used the gift loot’s card code in game to get a spectral mount, but feel free to use it if you want. The gifts are random though. Maybe you will end up with unique Pet Biscuits if you are running short on luck.

Final thoughts?

Aside from the obvious that the entire package is the high quality stuff, the Cataclysm Collector Edition is a must have item for game fans out there. The items inside the box are placed neatly in little cutout tray sections. The box itself is made of thick cardboard material so that it can be set up straight or horizontally.

By the way, the edges of the collector edition’s box looks white or worn out; don’t worry as this is exactly how Blizzard made it to look like. They were going for an artifact kind of look, which is okay by my standards. Let me know if you want to buy this collector edition through my email ID: techguy@infinarium.com . Shipping charges will be on buyer and price is negotiable.