So here I am with a brand spankin’ new copy of Star Trek, which I am regretting at this very moment. In any other time and space, this game probably would’ve been “awesome”, but certainly not in the year 2013. No sir; no ma’am. Gene Roddenberry’s franchise was made on the premise of ethnicity, multicultural beliefs and co existence – all of which this game ignores at key points.

There are So Many Reasons for Star Trek to Suck:

I am not blaming the developers here; I am blaming the storyline creators. These guys, whoever they were and whatever they were on, they fucked up things real good. Star Trek franchise, in itself, is a philosophical thing. You are presented with a world where the spirit of co-existence and alien life form is present.

A scientist and a fellow comrade are to survive the onslaught of some stupid plots in this game. You don’t get to have the piece of the action in this game. During fight sequences, if there was an element of choice, you could have killed all the enemies from a long LOOOONNNGGGG distance.

No One Gives a Flea’s Ass Whether You Kill them or Stun Them

No One Gives a Flea's Ass Whether You Kill them or Stun Them

It is sad to see that the in game characters are never willing to take their shirts off for the sake of killing bad guys, shooting aimlessly at innocent characters and blah blah. The “action” element is simply not there. I have the Star Trek Xbox 360 version. It is good; I mean the packaging and everything but that’s how far it goes.

The Star Trek Achievements on Xbox 360 also Suck!

Star Trek is released when the videogame industry is driven by horror genre, exquisite storyline, brutal action and breathtaking visuals. None of these traits are possessed by Star Trek; it is a simple game, with simple instructions.

Now speaking of instructions, from my personal experience I had no trouble unlocking most of the in game Star Trek Xbox 360 Achievements. The process was easy – at least easy enough for me to get by. It says, do the blah blah and blah to unlock the XYZ achievement. The actual element of mystery or competition is not there.

For instance, shoot X number of enemies to unlock the 10G achievement. This is the kind of stuff you could expect from the Star Trek title. A lot of people do not like Star Trek series. I remember the good old days when the Star Trek seasons used to be on air on some TV channel. I barely watched any episode. They all looked the same to me.

Star Trek Funny Trailer | Courtesy of Youtube

Now this is not to say that the Star Trek seasons were downright awful. It’s just that the series was a little unusual for my taste. That being said, I also know a couple of friends who LOVE Star Trek series, TV clips and literally anything that the director had to create. These are the kind of people who understood the program’s theory, its message and everything there was to it.

However, I doubt that even a hardcore Star Trek fan would seem to like this game. It is not in order. Over at the EuroGamer website, I had the pleasure of reading user comments. People hated the game. A guy literally told fellow gamers not to buy Star Trek because it was simply awful. Whether it is true or not, that is up for you to decide.

Let’s move on and see what this game is all about. Some websites gave it a 2.7 Rating, while EuroGamer was generous enough to give it a 6 out of 10. What about ‘The National’ rating?

Meh… How about a 1 out of 5 Star? Seriously, I’d have gone low but our theme developers never introduced the negative rating option…

Star Trek Storyline – Viva La Revolutione’?

Star Trek’s Star Trek takes place in a time when the Federation is under attack. Gorn is now the new menace and the Federation is relying on the trusty voice over skill of the actual movie cast. The creatures are non playable, except for the main character. There is no sense of diplomacy and barely any reasoning with warmongering lizards.

So what’s the agenda? It is simple. Follow the instructions and kill everyone on sight. At times when you are told to “stun” the innocents, you can also choose to kill them. The A.I is so messed up that your in game authorities don’t give a shit whether you kill or stun the concerned characters in the face.

Your voyage will take you to Gorn home world. Now here is a simple concept. You will literally see enemies entering from one end, while you entering from the other end in direct opposition. All of you will take cover. The outcome of these battle sequences will always be the same; you will be the winner. The idea was inspired when it comes to Kirk and Spock’s co op gameplay, but it is not properly implemented.

Alternate Play Style in Star Trek Xbox 360 Version?

There are rumors of alternate play style in Star Trek. Besides delivering a pure sense of flattery, there is no alternate gameplay style. If you have somehow survived the jerky movement, inconsistent enemy + friendlies A.I. and glitch animation sequences, you deserve a few achievements, but that’s as far as it goes.

EuroGamer Website Visitor Comments about Star Trek

Your Average Gamer's Comments about Star Trek - Courtesy of EuroGamer Website

The finest example of Star Trek A.I. is when at times you friend simply runs towards enemies. He is not scared of anything. Turrets cannot put him down. Well, they do bring him to his knees but the guy just sits in front of it. He waves his hands in desperation, rather than sneaking towards a cover. You partner always wants you to rescue him, which is in fact a mockery in your face.

The Non Playable Uni-Brow Retard from Star Trek

Sorry, this Guy is Not Playable but Holds Strong Presence in Star Trek

The combat is interesting because you are relying on your TriCorder. At least, the shootouts have a bit of variety to them. However, I strongly recommend that you Download Star Trek Xbox 360 trainer from XPG Game Saves or 360 Haven or some other website. Go through the game once by applying save mods or trainers.

If you love it, you can always come back for a replay.