Before writing this Klipsch Image S4 review, I practically went through an entire list of several other reviews. The so called titles, such as: Klipsch Image S4 Earphones First Impression, blah blah blah Klipsch rocks and oh look these earphones are really awesome – now if you can click my website, it would be even more awesome.

None of them really stuck to me. The guys would state down simple features, some perks of having these earphones and little bit of this n’ that mixed with the usual format. The end result would be a wall of text broken down into different paragraphs, while sneakily trying to make online users click a few ads etc.

Hand to God, I don’t have these earphones right now, but I am planning to buy them as soon as possible. However, one of my friends from the gym does have it. He was kind enough to let me test the bad ass Klipsch Image S4 Headphones so that I could write a decent review. Hence I am writing this stuff from the perspective of a potential buyer who’s probably standing at the retailers or logged into Amazon to buy these earphones.

The Good Stuff about having Klipsch Image S4 and Not Owning Crappy $19.99 Earphones?

Close Angle Shot of Klipsch Image S4 In Ear EarphonesEven though I didn’t have enough time to check these earphones out, I did try to make the best out of my 40 minutes window of opportunity. The first impression was really good. The crescendo, the sound, the music – it all felt as if someone was directly pouring it into my soul. Remember that scene from the movie: Perfume, where Dustin Hoffman smelled that perfume for the first time?

Yeah, I was taken into another world completely. Maybe it was because Klipsch Image S4 earphones rubber completely isolated the outside noise – It was just me against a bunch of singers singin’ their lungs out.

As soon as I hit the road on my way back home, I stopped by at an internet café. Intrigued with an urge to look for more details about Klipsch Image S4 headphones, I went through a couple of reviews. Of course, CNET was at top. I normally don’t consult CNET reviews that much but they were right. Their bipolar writers did a good job of reviewing these earphones.

Here are a few pros of having Klipsch Image S4 noise cancellation earphones, alongside my firsthand personal experience:

  • For $55, the price absolutely does justice with the amount of features you’d be bargaining for. Let alone, some nifty points, such as long term product life, really make Klipsch Image S4 earphones worth it. The sound is full, bass levels are well balanced and the treble never irritates no matter how sloppy a recording is.
  • Comfort Level: What good would a high end paid of headphones/ earphones do if it irritates the crap out of your ears? You don’t have to worry about compromising your health standards here because the rubber cap on these babies doesn’t come or chip off easily. It reminds me of Bose Mie2i earphones’ rubber, which wore out after a few months of rugged use. The Klipsch S4 is definitely way out of the water here.
  • Noise Cancellation in Klipsch Image S4: As I said earlier, I couldn’t hear much going on around me. If I couldn’t hear those plates and dumbbells clanging in the gym, it means that these earphones have passed the test. Based on the level of precision fit in your ears, the sound isolation experience may vary.
  • Cable Length: The cord has the right length. How should I put this? Hmmm, well I have a height of 5 Feet – 5 Inches and I think that Klipsch S4 chord is neither too long; nor too short. It was tucked in nicely under my shirt, without interfering with my entire workout.

 Official Klipsch Image Trailer | Courtesy of VImeo

One Thing that I Didn’t Like about Klipsch Image S4 Headphones/ Earphones?

Experience the Quality of Sound with Klipsch S4Yeah, it is just one thing which I didn’t like about these earphones. You probably thought that I had an entire list of negatives here. However, given that I only had 40 – 45 minutes to test these earphones, only one negative would suffice for the time being.

  • The noise cancellation / noise isolation in these earphones is dangerously amazing. I mean it is cool not to be able to hear what the perp next to you is jabbering but it is also risky. You will not hear the traffic, trail runners, distant railway wagons and etc. Beware of the road etiquettes while these earphones are plugged in!

Klipsch Image S4 Earphones Review – My Rating Criterion and Recommendations:

I used my own scale to rate these earphones. Take a look below:

–          Bass Rating : 9.5/10

–          Mids Rating: 9/10

–          Highs: 10/10

–          Comfort: 10/10 (Already Talked about that)

–          Durability: 10/10 (Why? Klipsch S4 has a 2 year warranty AND the product itself is well made.)

Let’s say you have a $15,000 car. It was well advertised and spoken highly of, so you bought it. What’s more interesting is that this particular car under your priced possession is normally compared with $60,000 cars out there. I am just asking you to imagine all this stuff. Isn’t it cool to have something like this?

Klipsch Image S4 earphones are just like that imaginary car – low on the price but always high-end when it comes to delivering outstanding results. But does it mean that these earphones are THE BEST in the entire headphones/ earphones market? Meh… No… There is always something better out there. Plus, technology never ceases to amaze consumers, so you can’t count on one product for long.

Even as I am writing this review, I am thinking about Klipsch Image S4i Earphones; the latest and the upgraded version of the regular Klipsch S4s.

Why are Some People Bitching about these Earphones?

Eargel Close Shot | Klipsch Image S4 ReviewYou must be wondering that if these earphones are so cool, why some people are bitching about their “sloppy” performance at Amazon. Well, it could be because of two main reasons:

  • Some people are extremely negative. It is their job to hate a product without any specific agenda.
  • Some people are dumb asses who have never heard about the Burn In phase!

I am going to talk about the Burn In’ phase here. This is the time period when you buy any product and return it without putting it to stress. Call it a product’s maximum strength to show you what it’s really made of.

Upon a fresh purchase of Klipsch Image S4 headphones, I strongly recommend that you “burn” them well over 50 to 70 hours of rugged nonstop use. Don’t forget to notch up the volume by another 50%. Beyond your listening capacity It is not necessary to have the ear buds plugged in. You can leave the earphones to do their business while the time tick tocks away.

After the burn in, you will see the true colors and potential of any sound based device. The bass will be either refined or it’ll be ruined. In Klipsch Image S4’s case, the results were positive because the guy who lent me these, had already cooked them to perfection.

Why Does the Eargel / Earphone Piece Keep Falling Off?

Fitting Klipsch Image S4 earphones could be a problem for you because they are not your average product. You are used to inserting the earphones, or ear buds, in a straight position, all the way through the ear canal.

But when I was trying fit the Eargel pieces, I noticed that all of the sizes kept coming lose. I tried fitting them in at an upward angle and voila! That’s it. Go ahead and try large double flanged eargels and any other sizes that came in the Klipsch earphones box at an upward angle; you will feel the difference clearly.

Closing Thoughts:

If you are a compressed music file format listener (MP3, MP4, iPod), who is looking to seek out more clarity from music tracks – these earphones are MADE FOR YOU! Even the uncompressed music files, the ones with bigger file size, are going to deliver pristine value for your money. Currently, as compared to many $200 earphones, Klipsch takes the trophy away quite easily. Dibs on that.

Word from Klipsch:

Tune out the external environment and tune into your own private concert experience anytime, anywhere with the Image S4. These noise-isolating in-ear headphones deliver dynamic sound and unequaled comfort for a price that’s easy on the wallet.