It is exactly 4:57 A.M in the morning, while I am writing this kinivo bth220 bluetooth stereo headphone review. So why am I doing this? For two reasons:

  1. My ex girlfriend texted me in the middle of the night and I haven’t been able to sleep since then.
  2. Thanks Lisa, now I wont be able to go back to bed because you just said you miss me a lot.

kinivo bth220 bluetooth stereo headphoneSo anyhow, while I am contemplating why she left me for another guy, I decided to put this time to good use. How about a wireless Bluetooth headphone review? It is not a great suggestion but at least I am staying up late at night, with nothing much to do. Bear with me, please?

Point to be noted in this kinivo bth220 bluetooth stereo headphone review is that I don’t actually own this product. I was just window shopping for cool gift ideas at Amazon and these headphones struck to me as something worth writing. So, whatever you’re going to read in the appended paragraphs, this stuff is pretty much taken from all over the internet.

I just sort of researched and decided to write the review, which is expectedly going to be better than the rest of em’.

The Good Stuff about Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo Headphone:

Users who have owned these wireless stereo headphones, like them because:

  • They have a great sound quality. Kinivo is an old brand so whenever they release something, it is a result of tough market competition, a lot of testing and previous user satisfaction rate.
  • For a Bluetooth wireless headset, Kinivo blows the competition out of the water, because of its awesome bass and treble levels. The sound is crisp, it doesn’t pierce your eardrums.
  • Given for kinivo bth220 bluetooth stereo headphone’s small size, their volume surpasses any kind of expectations that you’d naturally have, after seeing this product for the first time. Size doesn’t matter in this headphone’s case.
  • Auto synching in kinivo bth220 bluetooth headset will let you synchronize your laptop, Mac Book Pro and any other contacts easily.
  • Overall a comfortable shape. They snuggle in nicely in your ears.


Bad Stuff about Kinivo BTH220 Bluetooth Stereo headphone:

For two main reasons, people kind of have some sort of problem with these headphones.

  • They have flashing blue light. It blinks and it will make you look like a Geek, nerd or whatever.
  • The kinivo bth220 bluetooth headphones have a Mini USB charging port. You hear that? It’s a Mini USB charging port. People took it for a Micro USB charging port and they had to return the product, all the way back to Amazon’s shady warehouse.

Okay, let’s just right into detailing some other stuff about these headphones. Compared to some ongoing popular brands, such as Motorola HT820, Motorola 305 and Arctic Sound P311, kinivo bth220 bluetooth stereo headphone are way better.

There was this one guy who said that he owned all three of the aforementioned Bluetooth headsets. To him, the Arctic Sound Bluetooth wireless sounded almost exactly as Kinivo headset. But it’s just that Kinivo came in cooler color and with a longer life. Arctics will only last for 8 to 10 months before their ear buds and color jacket will start scratching off.

A nice perk for owning these Kinivo wireless headphones is that you can lob them around in the gym. Personally I am not in the favor of hooking my head to Bluetooth headsets because I don’t want anyone calling me and distracting me from my exercise.

If it is purely meant for listening to music purposes, I would say that you should get a busted Mp3 player. The Bluetooth stuff doesn’t quite fit in with hard core workout buffs. However, taking that you are probably a self obsessed CEO or someone who has to receive phone calls from business associates every now and then, you can take the kinivo bth220 bluetooth stereo headphone with you at the gym.

Just a reminder here, bro: in case you are going to get them wet with your sweat, don’t bother complaining. The earphone area will short circuit, leaving you high and dry. Not only are you prone to possible injuries, if a short circuit is about to occur, but also the said headset will be useless for life. You can either return it for repair, or replace the old product with new one.

But why are we still talking about kinivo bth220 bluetooth stereo headphone in the context of gyms? Never mind. The basic purpose of this headset is receiving calls. Pair them with your phone to test the call quality right away. iPhone users can pair these headphones easily as they are practically detectd within seconds.

This wireless Bluetooth headset has an over the ear design. Fortunately, this design doesn’t meddle with the comfort levels. The headset remains in position, and even throughout long stretches of continuous use, your ears will not suffer from any pain or rashes.

There is an integrated lithium ion rechargeable battery in kinivo bth220 bluetooth stereo headphones. If you purchased a fresh unit, I would recommend that you charge it for at least 10 hours. After a full charge, the battery will run for 8 hours non stop. This is a pretty impressive battery light for Bluetooth headsets that are supposed to be used rigorously.

In the end, it is safe to say that you wont be having any complaints with kinivo bth220 bluetooth stereo headphone tied around your head. Kudos to Kinivo for creating a great product for its loyalists and first time customers.