It has been several hours, nay… several days now, since I have contemplated the pros and cons of LG HBS 760 vs. the Hbs 770 Bluetooth headset. Which one is better, which one goes with your style and meets your daily needs, and of course, which headset has improved performance overall? It’s all in there in this comparative review, my friend.

The good stuff about LG HBS 760 headset:

Build Quality: The HBS line of headset from LG are not too pricey, which means that it increases the affordability percentage. At the same time, it also means that quality goes down by a few notches. Now, I think this is true for both headsets, i.e. the Hbs 770 and the Hbs 760, they have your typical China made body, buttons and style.

The plastic on both headsets reeks of the usual “Made in China” slogan. I do not mean to offend the Chinese for their quality for work on LG headsets. LG paid them or outsourced the work with a certain payment on top of it that only goes as far as offering the workable plastic quality. For the right amount of money, Chinese manufacturers can increase the quality of production and the product itself.

In this particular case, the quality is substandard. You get the usual LG HBS 760 and 770 headset with Chrome trim buttons, a smidge of a frail body which can easily get scratches in couple of weeks, and vice versa. On the plus side, the buttons are easy to press; they are not exactly small to make it hard for my fingers to reach down on them. I can also hear the distinctive “click” sound whenever they are pressed for volume or whatever function they are assigned to.

The Sound: If I were to rate the LG HBS 760 on a scale of 1 – 10 for sound quality, I’d give it a 6.5-ish, while giving an 8 to the 770 model. The reason is simple: the sound on the former headset is kind of piercing and too high on treble. The 770 has good bass, and if you were to attend calls on both headsets, you’d know that the Hbs 770 voice call carries a deeper tone.

In any case, both headsets are not noise isolating. If you are looking for noise cancelling headsets, then you should consider spending a little extra cash, and that too on the Plantronics’ line of products. The Voyager Legend that I have been using has excellent noise cancellation feature. My clients can barely hear any ambience etc.

To make up for the lack of noise isolation, and noise cancellation, LG introduced the volume up button… yayyy…. You can increase the volume by several levels to the point where the caller’s voice is about to burst your eardrum!

On a serious note, with the volume maxed out, it makes me feel as if the other person on the line is sitting next to. The voice has more clarity, and it is easier to listen, especially in busy areas where there is a lot of environmental sound coming in.

Accessibility: The accessibility part works well as far as I am concerned with it. To start off, ear buds on the LG HBS 760 are a little hard to fit as long as you are going with the default ones. You can change them and replace with slightly bigger earbuds, as I did to enhance sound quality and prevent them from going loose at the slightest hint of movement.

Next up is the Bluetooth connectivity feature, and I have to say that being one of the core features, it works really well. For both headsets, i.e. the LG HBS 760 and the Hbs 770, Bluetooth pairs almost instantly with the smartphone, and there are literally no connection lost errors or whatsoever. As long as you have the headset charged, and the battery doesn’t drain, you are good to go.

The good stuff about LG HBS 770 Bluetooth headset:

Now I come over to the Hbs 770 headset. Keep in mind that I have not yet concluded this review, so I am going to continue describing what the 770 HBS is all about. Later on, I will conclude this on a note whether to buy or not to buy either one of the headsets.

Since I mentioned sound quality earlier for the 760, I can say that the 770 comes as a much better product. The bass levels are thick and they tend to give a deep vocal audio experience during calls. I wouldn’t say that I used the 760 or the Hbs 770 for listening to music extensively, but whenever I did, the HBS 770 sounded better.

It is as if the music was coming from normal multimedia earphones. This doesn’t seem to happen on Plantronics Voyager Legend or the LG HBS 760. I am saying this because I personally tried the Voyager Legend and 760 too during one or two occasional long walks. I was listening to couple of soundtracks, and was also busy attending phone calls from few clients. This is when I learned about the music output on both former headsets.

Now from accessibility point of view, the LG HBS 770 takes a few points as far as controls, Bluetooth connectivity/ performance and other things are concerned. I also like the fact that LG amped up the vibration on this headset. Whenever there is an incoming call, you can be sure that it won’t go unnoticed; the vibration is pretty awesome and strong.

Regardless of whether you are using LG HBS 770 or the 760, I’d suggest that you buy an extra portable charger and wire. The ones that they send in the package are of below average quality. I also noticed that the wire is a little skinny, and it remains folded or that “tangled” impression sets in there easily, which is a strong indicator that it can break off easily at any point during use.

To conclude it all… which headset is better?

In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend buying either one of the headsets. They won’t last long and I know it may sound a little inconvenient to you but you are better off with some other brand. The point is that within this price range, LG doesn’t really offer much. I have seen my share of products that start to fall off little by little as days go by.

On the up side, according to my personal opinion, you are going to get headsets with better battery life, above average sound quality and performance during incoming and outgoing calls. On the downside, you are looking at replacing both LG Hbs 770 and the 760 if seen from an investment point of view. The durability and “life” factor are not included in the package.

However, if you are a budget conscious buyer and don’t have a lot to spend, then I would want you to buy LG Hbs 770. It is one of the latest products in the Hbs headset lineup, and offers much more than its predecessors. Oh, I almost forgot that the 770 is heavier, which is a good thing in my books because a little bit of weight tends to add a sense of authority to the product.