We concocted this list after a lot of head bangin’ against the wall. Needless to say, these headphones are a result of blood, sweat and tears, alongside some chinks in our offices’ wallpapers. You will find not only the cheapest headphones in this list, but also the expensive ones.

All in all, these headphones are what we’d like to call ‘The Mercedes Class Product’ for serious audiophiles. It is only obvious of us to ask you to pay respect to these headphones collection as much as you would do when trying to steal a Bald Eagle’s Egg. The sound profiles, the price tag and the overall build is something quite hard to resist.

  • Sennheiser HD800 – Legendddaaaaarrryyyy Stuff for the Hardcore!

Sennheiser HD800 Gold Standard Aural Headphones- Official Product Image by Sennheiser

Price Range – $1,400 to $1,500

Sennheiser is an established brand in the sound industry. These guys have been releasing headphones and earphones for a while now. The last time I reviewed one of them products from this company, it was Sennheiser HD555 headset. If memory serves well, they cost something around $500 or a little less than that.

But the Sennheiser HD800 is a totally different story. Word is that these cans are based on a theme; a story that Sennheiser loyalists like to quote every now and then. It says something about the dream of delivering unprecedented spatial level sound. I don’t know much about that but if you are seriously considering buying top of the line headphones, the Sennheiser HD800 is something that I would highly recommend.

Don’t bother reading about its specs if you are not a techie. For $1,400, you are in for long term product life, spatial sound levels, brilliant acoustics and excellent bass. Read what Sennheiser has to say about the HD800 Spatial Headphones:

Sennheiser HD800 Tech Review | Courtesy of Youtube

 The Story of the Sennheiser HD800

The story of the Sennheiser HD 800 began with a dream: of developing headphones that go way beyond conventional equipment to become music phones, or even perfect sound phones. The dream of creating a hi-fi device that sounds as brilliant, clear, and undistorted as if you were sitting right next to the source. The dream of creating an acoustic experience more incredible than anything ever heard through dynamic headphones: in spheres that no other category is capable of reaching–right there where perfection begins. 

We couldn’t go beyond physical boundaries–but we did cross the boundaries of thought. The HD 800 is equipped with a completely new transducer and only the very finest of materials have been installed: each part carefully inserted by hand. We are talking about manufacture in the truest sense of the word, right from the initial drafts to individual handcrafting “made in Germany”. 

  • Grado PS1000 On Ear Headphones:

Grado PS1000 Most Expensive Headphones Image

Price Range – $1,600 to $1,695

Imagine your iPod’s beautifully crafted build and a place where you can sit these headphones. I am thinking a wooden or metallic mantle with bezel texture. How good would this entire package look? Surely $1,695 is too much to ask for “just a pair of headphones” but there’s no end to people and their endless desire to buy something truly elegant.

The upside of purchasing Grado PS1000, besides loads of boasting and jaw-just-dropped-to-the-floor looks from your friends, is this:

  • Stellar Build Quality
  • 15 Foot Extension Cable
  • Phono to Miniplug Coversion Adapter
  • Metal Earcups
  • Excellent Sound Quality

There is no flaw in these headphones as Grado truly delivered the PS1000 after thorough marketing research. They did make a great product, and believe me, $1,695 justifies it. But on the flip side, these headphones are certainly not for the budget conscious people.

Buy them only if you can afford them. Buy them ONLY if you can live without feeling that you spent too much on a headset…

Headphone Sexy Image - Girl Relaxing - Google Images Archive

Word From Grado:

Grado is proud to introduce the new flagship of their headphone line, the PS1000. This hybrid design has an inner sleeve of a selected species of hand-crafted mahogany made by using an intricate curing process. Its outer housing of metal machined from a special non-resonant, very hard metal alloy utilizes a special processing and casting method to increase the porosity of the alloy.

This combination of wood and metal insures that the earphone chamber has no “ringing” which might obscure detail or add coloration. The way the wood and metal housing moves air and reacts to sound vibrations is now virtually unaffected by transient distortions. Grado has also designed a new cable for the PS1000. The new eight-conductor cable design, utilizing UHPLC (ultra-high purity, long crystal) copper, improves control and stability of the total range of the frequency spectrum.

  • Ultrasone Signature Pro:

Ultrasone Signature Pro - Heapdhones Image CNET Archive

Price Range – $1,189 to $1,200

Ultrasone is a name that I haven’t heard of that much. But I did look up these headphones on the internet. Apparently, CNET has written quite a bit of informative content at this page.

Priced at $1,200, these headphones are a perfect match for status conscious people. Ultrasone, with its “Signature” insignia on the headphones earcups created a masterpiece. It is a classic and I would certainly recommend these headphones to folks who like to hear the sound of air chiming in between chorus strings.

As CNET likes to put it, “Ultrasone is a German made” brand with a high class build only meant for discerning clients. 

  • Shure SRH1840 – Over the Ear Black Headphones

Shure SRH1840 - Headphones Image from Amazon Archive

Price Range – $600 to $699

The SRH1840 is a model that Shure likes to take pride in. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that these headphones are flagship standard product by Shure – they are that much confident in them. Same goes for all the existing Shure customers who have had the pleasure of trying out SRH1840.

Even if you are a skeptic type, your opinion will change within the first 3 seconds of hearing anything on a fully calibrated SRH1840 model. Fortunately, an earlier version, i.e. the SRH1440 is also available at Amazon. You can check out these headphones here.

Shure, alongside its satisfied customers likes to say:

The SRH1840 Professional Open Back Headphones feature individually matched drivers for unparalleled acoustic performance, including smooth, extended highs and accurate bass. Developed with premium materials and precision engineering, the custom-crafted design is extremely lightweight and durable. An included storage case, replacement set of velour earpads, and an additional cable ensures years of uninterrupted listening enjoyment. Ideal for mastering or critical listening applications.

I took the liberty of taking a screenshot directly from the Amazon Shure SDH1840 product page. The features can be seen below:

In the end, if you have any other headphones to suggest, we are all ears. Let us know through the comments below. You can also write a direct email to techguy@infinarium.com. Take cares and have a blast at purchasing these headphones.