Bose Solo TV Review for First Timers | Music Never Sounded Better

Before writing anything about this Bose Solo review, I’d like to make a confession. I didn’t really want to write this review down. I was more than interested in writing a review aboutRazer Naga Special Molten’ Edition gaming mouse. I mean c’mon, if you really clicked the Razer Naga Special Edition – Molten link here, you’d be swept away in awe.

Look at the mouse and tell me you are in love with it. It has this “look” to it, which just tugs at your heart. You know you have to buy this gaming mouse because of its dark rugged texture and the molten fire lights on it. However, I still didn’t write a review about it. Do you know why?

Razer Naga Molten Special Edition Mouse

Here’s the reason. I didn’t write a review on Razer Naga Special – Molten Edition gaming mouse because no matter how famous this mouse is, there were a lot of unsatisfied customers. Most of the people were complaining about how Razer’s customer service sucked. I did a background search and found out that Razer was indeed sucky.

Despite of the 2 year warranty on this mouse, they would hardly help their customers. So I looked around and found Bose Solo TV Sound System. BOSE, even if it sends a faulty product, which is not always the case, knows how to take care of you. These people are kind; they send in replacement products immediately and are always there to greet you with the nicest email responses.

So here’s to Bose and the ever so popular Bose Solo TV Sound System review.

The Good Stuff about Having Bose Solo TV Sound System:

Bose Sound Solo TV Lying on a Table with its full GlorySometimes I review products that are not released to the public. A benefit of being a reviewer is that companies or your friends would lend you products that are not exactly out there. In this device’s case, I had a good look by testing it first and then making up my mind to write about it.

For all I knew that Bose Solo TV System was just another addition to the home theater marketplace. I did not know much about this surround sound system. Hence with a clean conscience and a little less knowledge, I sort of beta tested it.

The way it works is that you simply plug it to the wall and make the appropriate connections at the back of your TV audio output. The rest is taken care of automatically. If your TV has the auto switch system in its external audio outlet, then you don’t have to do a lot to get Bose Solo TV Sound System up and running.

  • The voice clarity is excellent. Normally, in case of surround sound system, there are dedicated dialogue speakers. But in this device’s case, there is not much choice. You hear what you hear. So the voice is pretty clear and awesome.
  • The product has nice looks. It is visually striking when on a table or a TV with matching color.
  • The Bass and Treble are great. At high volume, you can even feel your TV vibrating whenever there’s a movie or videogame scene with a lot of activity going on. Imagine planes flying over your head.
  • A Bose Solo TV Sound System burn in phase of 40 hours is recommended. Afterwards, you will be in for a nice surprise.

 ‘Shopping Channel’ Features Bose Solo TV Sound System in Video | Courtesy of Youtube

Any Bad Stuff about Bose Solo TV?

  • With this product, the lack of ability to change treble and bass is a little irritating. I am referring to the big box on the table. It should have been manufactured as a wall mount or something more easy to go with.

Detailed Analysis of Bose Solo TV Sound System Review:

This is How you Place the Bose Solo TV Sound System Under the TelevisionHere’s how I rated this sound system. I actually segmented its different sections so that you can know which ones are going to work for you, and your wallet.

Speech and Dialogues: To understand the full potential of this Bose sound system, you’d have to hear high quality music files. The speech on compressed audio files is not going to sound as much pretty as you expect it to be.

If your TV has a voice/ dialogue amplification option, it is all the better. The speech is not only going to sound clear but it will appear to be as much real as it gets. There’s no canned effect as long as we are talking about speech clarity. More so, the treble doesn’t take a bite out of your ears. The speech isn’t screechy – it is smooth and distinctive.

Comedy Movies: Laughter Sequences: Yeah, they are going to be canned. The laughter in your favorite sitcoms, comedy shows and etc. is going to give a canned effect. However this effect is not overpowering. Compared to the TV’s speakers, the speakers in Bose Solo TV Sound System work really well. The canned effect occurs a lot whenever you are hearing low quality files.

Movies and Songs (Bass): We are all bass fans at some point in our lives. You like the thump of those audio songs whenever they are playing. So when you are expecting those bombs in cars to go off, that favorite song to really “rock” your room, you are in for a pleasant experience, my friend.

Bose Surround Sound Solo TV with Remote Control | On DisplayThe bass on Bose Solo TV system is absolutely wonderful. Not only is the bass well balance, meaning that at high volume, your speakers will not blow, it gets down in your bones. Good for watching movies and playing games with people around you.

Music on Bose Solo TV: You can play music channels or switch to hearing songs from a pre-recorded collection. In both cases, this sound system works nicely. Some people say that music is not that much good. But since I have a small apartment, I guess, the “boxed” in walls really reverberated the music in a pleasant way.

Therefore, at least I had no issues or complaints as long as hearing music on Bose Solo TV Sound System is concerned. Also if compared with the default TV speakers, your sound system is going to “sound” better. TV speakers suck, admit it, bro.

That’s it for now. I am still in the middle of testing this sound system. I will update it once I am thoroughly satisfied. Stay tuned meanwhile.

Update – As of January 05, 2013

I did some snooping around with my Bose Solo Sound System for TV. Here are a few updates that I promised you earlier in this review.

Design: The Bose Solo TV Sound System is designed for TVs that have a screen size of 32’’ (inches). What to do if you have a bigger screen size? Well, you could have a small TV rack installed under your TV. Mine is a complete TV trolley, black laminated wood. The Solo TV system sits on top of it, while my TV is hanging on the wall.

The Bose Solo has a box shape, which pretty much resembles your average DV disc player. The design is elegant; it is finished off well and looks like a perfect match for any TV set. The dimensions of the Bose sound system are 10.25’’ X 20’’, which is compact for any competitive product these days. With this size, the Solo Sound System can easily fit in a bookshelf or in a small place.

Bose Sound System Remote Control: The remote control is basic. If you look at the way BOSE put together things, you’ll see an ON button, UP and DOWN buttons and of course the PAUSE and OFF buttons right there. If this remote control ends up in your dog’s mouth or falls victim to your kids’ playful antics, you don’t have to worry.


In the Solo System for TV manual, BOSE mentions that the unit can be operated via a universal remote control. Nonetheless, the remote itself is a great thing for your coffee table. Its simplicity and looks give it a great look overall.

Setting it All Up: Setting up the Bose Solo TV Sound System was an easy task. You have to locate the corresponding jack which goes with the unit. This jack will be at the back of your TV. If it is not there, check the side panels of your TV – one should be there.

There are only two connections that you need to make. First, the power chord has to be connected. Second, the Red and White Analog connectors have to be connected to your TV. Bose also gives an Optical cable for connection; it comes by default. However, for this optical system to work, you will have to spend extra cash in a Digital Surround sound system, which itself could be an expensive trip.

Bear in mind that while you are looking for an Optical Input jack in your TV, there are chances that you will miss it. The reason is attributed to the small size of the Optical jack. Turn off the lights and you will see this jack clearly because it usually flashes a light.


Once you have turned On the Bose Solo TV Sound System for the first time, you are likely to hear distortion. What went wrong here? Okay, you don’t have to go through the manual. I’ll tell you here. You need to disable/ turn down your TV volume all the way to “0”. Once it is done, the sound will start coming from the Bose unit’s sound system 

With BluRay discs, the sound is crystal clear. You are free to turn up the volume to full, without worrying about blasting the speakers on this unit. Your TV’s sound will be dull and not loud enough when compared to Bose Solo TV Sound System. In latter case, the sound, as stated above in this review, is definitely going to be rich, colorful and full of life.