Sonos has been in the news for a long time now. Not because the company was having a scandal or anything. It’s just that they are about to release the highly anticipated Sonos Playbar Sound System. Some call it the Sonos Playbar TV Speaker and Wireless Sound System, while other revel in its pure awesomeness.

Me? Well, I love it because this sound bar has 9 frigging speakers in it. At the moment, Sonos has not released the Sonos Playbar Sound System. What we do know is that when released, it will be around $600 – $700 price range. Amazon already has tagged it at $699, but I am going to hold my cards for now.

Is it the 9 Speakers that make it Cool?

I know when the Sonos Playbar Sound System will be made available, people will go crazy about it. Most of the newbie level buyers will only buy this product, thinking that its 9 speakers will be outstanding. Oh yeah, those 9 speakers, embedded within one single horizontal bar are going to be something great.

But bear in mind. No matter how many speakers your sound system has, the number does not matter. I have heard the shittiest quality sound coming from 5.1 surround sound systems. I have also heard an ear melting sound quality from speakers as small as a tea cup. The art is within the technology itself.

Sonos Playbar - 9 Speakers in Expanded View

Speaking of Sonos Playbar Sound System and Wireless TV Speakers, this product has been in the news for many years. During its development phases, Sonos officials said that the sound bar will feature multiple compatibility perks that will make it superior to other products in the pipeline.

Already, Sonos sound systems are known for streaming music from literally any source. The new Sound Bar is definitely going to embody the same cool stuff. At least that’s what Sonos fans are anticipating at the moment. The Playbar is likely to help you stream and listen music from:

  • Amazon Cloud
  • Sonos Connect Center
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • Rhapsody
  • Groove Shark

I am guessing that compared to other products in the market, the Sonos Playbar Sound System will not fall prey to typical annoyances. At the moment, CNET’s Jason Jenkins was lucky enough to demo the Sound bar. Let’s read his thoughts:

I spent a short amount of time listening to a range of music and surround-sound movies on the Playbar: for me both sounded good, although better with music than with movies. Listening to a segment from Dolby’s test disc, for example, the pseudo-surround-sound effect was impressive.

Less impressive was the bass, in common with other sound bars I’ve heard that ship without subwoofers. When it’s paired with Sonos’ Sub, though, it’s plenty powerful, with lots of thumps, crashes, and rumbles when watching “Super 8.” If you take your movie sound seriously, you’ll need to buy both products together, but that is very expensive.

Music fared better, with the long speaker providing a very wide stereo effect where it was needed, and a very centered sound where it wasn’t.”

I, on the other hand, am awaiting March 5 – 2013; the time when the Playbar will be officially released. My early take and wildest hunches suggest that buying this beast will be a little out of your league. Put it this way: the Sonos Playbar Sound System alone is going to be released at $699. You will obviously need a subwoofer, Sonos Connect hardware and an amplifier to enhance the listening experience.

All in all ,the entire package will push the price limit to $1,500. But this is just a rough estimate. Let’s wait for the Playbar to be released. Afterwards, I will be bringing a thorough review for ‘The National’ readers.

Have a good day.