Some people go paranoid at the thought of strangers goggling through their web history. Maybe you are an insecure person, maybe you work at a place where you don’t want your Google Chrome Browser history to be seen, or maybe you watch too much porn – who knows?

Google Chrom Photoshop Enhanced Wallpaper

The important thing is that today we are going to have a serious one on one discussion about how to clean your Chrome browser data automatically. Now we all know that the manual method of cleaning history in Google Chrome is to press “Alt” + “Ctrl” + “Del” keys together. This brings up a menu, which looks something like this:

  • The fact that this method is not effective is all the more reason that I am not in favor of it. Better yet, why rely on the manual method of cleaning Chrome browser history data when you can do it automatically. Imagine the day when you will end up forgetting to clean the “mess” – oh, it’s gonna end up in fireworks.

The automatic method is to download and install a Chrome Extension. It is called: ‘Click&Clean’; and yes, it comes with a lot of extra features that Google Chrome browser does not have. The downloadable/ installable version of ‘Click&Clean’ is available here.

  • After installing, a new icon, with a letter: C will appear in your browser tab. If it does not appear, you will need to go to Chrome browser options and settings windows to enable the extension. Once activated, you click the ‘Click&Clean’ button to configure it.
  • You can choose which items you want to delete from your Google Chrome browser history. The best thing is that once configured, this thing will start cleaning the history automatically. No cookies saved, no browsing history, no nothing – it’s time to surf the internet the way you wanted to.