Not that I use Safari or have used it in a long time, I still find this tutorial very useful. I read it somewhere across the internet, so decided share it. For people who don’t know how to open a closed webpage window in Safari browser, here are a couple of tricks:

Safari Browser Overview Image - Google Images

  • The Re Open Last Window option:

By simply clicking the “reopen last window” option, you can open the webpage window that you accidentally closed a few minutes ago. You can also go to the History menu in Safari browser and either click the closed window’s link or click the “reopen last window” to get the same results.

  • What if a Background Download Caused a Restart?

There are times when you are downloading stuff in the background and it asks you for a restart. It happens. Sometimes people bookmark their last known webpage or simply memorize it for future reference. However, when you restart your computer in a panic, you also end up bidding farewell to last opened webpage in any browser.

By default, Safari browser will prompt you for reopening your last web pages. If so, simply go for it and you should have no problem or whatsoever.

  • What happens if You Keep it Clicked?

Fun fact about Safari browser: If you keep the “Back” or “Forward” button clicked, you will see a drop down menu a few seconds later. Through the drop down menu, you can select whatever webpage that you were viewing.

  • Autosuggest Feature is Cool Too:

If you haven’t tried the autosuggest feature, which I think works by default, you should give it a shot. Just type down the website name, even if you remember it slightly, and wait for the browser URL window to suggest the proper URL. Chances are that you will get where you want to be.

I know I have barely scratched the surface. If you would like to add to this topic and share your experiences about Safari browser, please do comment in the comments section below.