While at office, there are certain rituals to follow – i.e. if you really have a mindset for working. The bagel, the nice cup of coffee, and occasional conversations at the water cooler are a great commodity for those who want to waste time, but it has to appear like a work activity. Otherwise, your boss will spot the obvious and hazard alternative solutions to motivating your ass in the office.

Anyway, moving on to the subject of websites, there are those sites that are not supposed to be visited during work hours, there are websites that are absolutely off menu even when you are in the office, but not working (think of porn websites etc.), and then there are websites that are a lack of time. Take a look at 7 online platforms that suck time like there’s no end to it:

  • Onion News:


The highly interesting fake news network has been popular for a long time. You watch one video, one Onion show or read one damn article and you are hooked to the rest for a few hours. When in office, please avoid visiting Onion News at all cost.

  • BuzzFeed:


BuzzFeed news network is second best to Onion News. Though office goers are enticed to read accounts of how one guy made it to North Korea, they have to admit that they’ll be reading the rest of the stories nonstop. As a result, that report which you were supposed to finish and hour ago, will probably hit you back in the face with accusations of being a slacker.

  • Reddit:


Hey, I love Reddit, and there is no denying to the fact that it can result in total waste of work time. Even though Reddit posters mark their posts at NSFW, it doesn’t help much. In fact, while at work, the NSFW section is the one that’s visited the most.

So instead of opening Reddit and ending up wasting an hour or two, you could ask your office ISP manager to block it! Nah, just kidding; don’t visit it, that’s all.

  • Wikipedia:


Meh… wormhole documentaries and description. Not much to say here, if you love spending time at Wikipedia.

  • DogShaming – Stuff that makes you question your dog’s ethics:


  • Assholes at Instagram:

And the point of going through that rich kid’s selfie in front of his dad’s yacht, is?


  • Funny auto correct messages:


Funny auto correct messages used to be fun when they were legit. Not only people make fake messages just to increase their followers at social media networks, but also, they are a divine way of wasting time during work hours.

What do you think? Did I miss any website? Let me know through the comments section below.