I was watching Night at the Museum 2’ the other day (yeah, I am into watching old flicks) and really dug Amelia Earhart’s character played by Amy Adams. It got me thinking why we didn’t see a lot of Ms. Earhart during the Halloween event. This year’s Halloween is coming to an end but before the curtains are going to close in, I would like to add a few things here.

Amy Adams Amelia Earhart Costume - Google Images

First of all, Amelia Earhart is one those individuals who haven’t lost their “moxy”. She mysteriously passed away and to this day, she is still being remembered by Generation X at least. On the subject of why I did not see a lot of Amelia Earhart costumes this year is probably because how the younger generation is inspired by the so called sci fi characters.

They all love gaming, action movies and characters so much. The ironic thing is that such characters are only there for a short period of time. What happened to good old Bonnie and Clyde or Nosferatu etc? By the way if you are into creating an Amelia Earhart Halloween costume, and that too without spending much, here’s how you can do it:

  • The Earhart getup only requires an aviator jacket, or any other leather jacket and a high next sweater. Girls with short hair have the added benefit of looking like a perfect Earhart lookalike.
  • If you’ve got a high wasted pair of white trousers and an aviator cap, that’s even better. However, if you don’t have an aviator cap and the only pilot neighbor living in your vicinity is refusing to give it up, you can just go out without a cap. Don’t worry; people will still recognize you as the fearless lady pilot…

The Unfortunate Darkwing Duck Cosplay Son

Or probably they won’t recognize you if they haven’t “heard” about Amelia in ages. It reminds me of an incidence I ran into a couple of days ago at Reddit. This little kid came up with an amazing Darkwing Duck costume. It was pretty unfortunate of him to get ignored at the Halloween party because his age group didn’t know anything about Dark Wing Duck. Those poor bastards!

On the Subject of Making Halloween Drinks:

I don’t expect you to search for Eggnog recipes for Halloween. I think that’s for Christmas, but what the heck. If you want to make eggnogs, so be it! I like to think that Halloween drinks deserve a better chance at being really awesome. It is the dark ominous theme, some traces of blood (not actual blood, but if you can get it, props to you for that) and the ability to finish creating the drink within two minutes.

  • Don’t forget the fact that presentation holds major points. C’mon, it’s Halloween; you won’t get a second chance at setting up that chocolate cake as a severed human head. If it is a little extreme, you can stick to the cute brownies or cookies, cut out in the shape of itsy bitsy pumpkins. Awww…
  • Another good way to build an appetite is to serve your guests with fondue. Take a hollow pumpkin and dry it well before pouring that sweet nectar in it. Your guests are going to love that fondue/ pumpkin combo.

Honey, can you get me that Human Head for Breakfast?

Can you get me that Real Life Head for Breakfast

Lastly, if you’re up for punch, mix that green food color well in it. The end result will be a refreshing witch’s brew that will leave a soothing effect on your tongue. If you have dry ice with it, that’s even better.

Personally I like to go with the severed head thing, or any other limb would do. But don’t go too far with the decoration. You want to make it real but not real enough – so much so that it would freak the hell out of everyone and then they wouldn’t want to get a nibble out of it.

Halloween Movie Recommendations for 2013 and Beyond… probably:

What good is a Halloween event if you are not going to watch a couple of movies? Some people like to have the night to them while watching a few horror movies in a laid back environment. Others like to watch same movies but with a different setting – such as with friends etc. Here are some of the all time classics that you should definitely queue up for Halloween this year:

  • Friday the 13th :

Go for the 1980 “Jason Goes to Hell” classic. You’re going to love those special effects and gripping storyline. Not much of a horror, but hey, it was a huge sensation back then.

  • The Exorcist – Digital Re-mastered Edition:

Exorcist Movie Wallpaper - Google Images

This is one sick movie that’s going to leave you shaking like frail kitten. “The Exorcist” is still regarded by many movie aficionados as one of the most horror movies of all time. Plus points to you if you are going to watch the Director’s cut version. Remember the scene where Regan crawls down the stairs? It still gives me the creeps.

  • Session 9:

“Session 9” is a psychologically depressing movie. After going through the demise of that construction crew, I felt sick for a few days. They were all busy in the asylum renovation project, while a series of events and a sick demented pervert killed everyone.  You’ll never be the same again for the next 2 days. Session 9 leaves a very sad and bizarre feeling in its viewers.

Please don’t watch any of the Below Generic Halloween Movie Shit:

Some movies are based on generic themes. They are not actually intimidating; the gore and excessive use of same old formulas is what probably gets off the directors. We have seen a few movies where a girl repeatedly stabs a freak show of a villain to death. What’s the next thing she is supposed to do? Well, for once if the bad guy, or demon, or the evil bitch appears to be “dead”, she should just go and run to a safe spot.

But naaaaaaaaayyyyy, the dumb lass inches towards the corpse and voila! turns out that the dead person was just feigning it and springs back to life. He ends up chopping the poor girl to death and we see credits screen against the back drop of her blood curdling screams. How “original”… sigh…

  • Lastly, Michael Meyers, the sadistic mass murderer has been killed and reincarnated for a million times now. Every time during those ending scenes Laurie and Meyers gaze at each other, there is a sense of compassion between the brother-sister duo. The last time it happened, Laurie fell for the trick and Mikey got away with it.

However, the most recent version of Halloween movie had the same scene, but during that gaze scene, Laurie severed the head off her brother’s weird body. While doing so, she should have said, “Oh no, not in this lifetime and certainly not in this Sequel!!!