It is year 2016, a time when operating systems, alongside periodic updates, are coming out with reinforced user security measures. Despite of these web security standards, there are numerous reports where computer users talk about getting their systems infected with viruses, Trojans and malware disguised as a harmless program.

So the question is what would a normal user do to protect his computer from such atrocities? Obviously he, or she, will install a state-of-the-art antivirus, thinking that his worries are now a thing of the past, as the said program will silently guard the computer against all forms of possible infections, intrusions and etc.

But if you ask me for a an over-all personal intake on antivirus programs, I’d tell you to not install them. It has been my fifth or sixth year since I officially stopped using antivirus software. Yes, I do get hit by an occasional draft of what you may call a slight case of hiccups on my computers., but I tend to fix them manually rather than downloading a third party program and installing whatever shit they are selling.

I was a big fan of BitDefender; I still am. On the contrary, without BitDefender, my computers are doing okay. I have learned to rely on the operating system’s default firewall and antivirus updates. With that, I keep an eye out for any suspicious websites or download links by hovering my mouse over them. If they are cloaked with an extra layer of .Php script, I do not click those links.

Moving on, if you still have an antivirus software install, you need to beware of the following programs. Some of them are pretty much useless, while others do as advertised. Nonetheless, the choice is yours. Take a look at some of the best and the worst antivirus software so far.

stopsign antivirus sucks big time

StopSign Internet Security:

  • Nothing beats the poor quality that this software holds. StopSign Internet Security is so lame that none of the independent virus testing labs has run it against their systems. Not even Norton tried it. Geez, I thought that Norton, “the once famous” antivirus software developer was doing a poor job, StopSign completely takes it to the next level. This software is loaded with what the developers are claiming, a malware blocking system. But it doesn’t work effectively at all.

Bitdefender official logo for latest version software

BitDefender Antivirus:

  • Yes, one of the best antivirus software is BitDefender. I started using this baby several years back and that was it. My PC never got infected and its performance was top notch. BitDefender developers have always been on the verge of fixing problems, there are full remote management systems, and a bad installation removal kit in there too. The only reason I uninstalled it was because of the dedicated system memory this little puppy consumes in the background.

though not my first choice, Gdata is still better than many software out there

G- Data Antivirus:

  • It is a little bit slower than BitDefender. The program takes some time to load up and it is meant for single engine product motives. G-Data does have Anti Phishing mode, which is somewhat like the above antivirus in my opinion.

i wouldnt install trustpost antivirus if i had a choice

TrustPort Antivirus:

  • Wow, another antivirus with a weak spot for computer security. I tested the software, only to find out that it blocked and averted a limited number of malwares. The rest of the scripts were still running in the background. Not Cool man, not cool.

move along now, there's nothing here to see

Double Anti Spy Professional:

  • This one’s another software that turned up sort of good on my list. As the name suggests, Double Anti Spy Professional uses two antivirus and antispyware engines. Hence, the software is always asking for updates in the form of much needed pairs. The program will feel a little slow, but it does its job effectively. But now that I think of it, the name sounds like something straight out of a porn movie.

So there you have it, the so-called “best” and worst antivirus software that I have used to date. Don’t forget to share your insight on whatever programs you are using through the comments section below.