Back in 2012, I had a bit of a falling out with one of my clients. In fact, I should be saying an asshole of a client who left me high and dry after I finished writing an eBook for him. The guy didn’t want to pay me, so he started making sloppy excuses.

This eBook, titled: ‘Blogging for Your Business’ was priced at $137, which is the amount I was charging this fella. Since I am not paid and don’t think the asshole is going to do that ever, this book is up for grabs. It has been a year and I am in a giving mood now.

Why Am I Doing This?

I wish I could just reach my hands out and choke the life out of this guy, but I can’t do that. I wish I could… and I have prayed for it too, but that’s not gonna happen. Yes, there is a chance that I will be receiving a flurry of hate mails from him and his clients who are probably busy making money off my work, but I don’t give a shit anymore.

By the way, I am planning to send him a poop package for reals. No kidding. I happened to find out that at you can actually order a wide variety of poops and they’ll actually deliver it for you!

What’s in It for Me?

A link probably? That is if you are kind enough to link back to me? Comments are also appreciated btw. I can email you a copy of this book if you’d be kind enough to send me your email address. No downloads allowed here. I just don’t want to cramp the server, or maybe I am being a bit of a grumpy bitch lately.

What’s in it for You?

If you are a stay at home mom, a stay at home dad who commutes for an hour an half to some bullshit each day, or if you are an upcoming entrepreneur, my book will help you to some extent. What I need in return from you is a simple nod of approval, and a link back to my site, or the ‘Blogging for Your Business’ article series as a simple way of crediting me.

Get ready to dig in your hoofs, people, it is time to make money on the internet through hard core blogging.

PS: The Table of Content is just my way of pasting my ebook as it was written originally.

1.        Chapter One: Blogging – What Do I Need to Know About It?. 4

1.1.     Define Your Goals Before Blogging: 4

1.2.     Are You Willing To Commit Yourself To Blogging?. 6

1.3.     Why People Quit Blogging After They Are Half Way Into It?. 7

2.           Chapter Two: Let’s Start Blogging – Where Do I Begin?. 8

2.1.     Define Your Parameters and Goals – The Actual Preparation Process. 8

2.2.     Blog Name – What Is Its Significance?. 8

2.3.     Other Factors That Contribute to A Blog’s Popularity. 10

3.           Chapter Three: It’s Time To Get Your Hands Dirty! 13

3.1.     Which Blogging Platform Is The Best?. 13

3.2.     Template Designs – How Important Are They?. 17

4.           Installing WordPress, Plugins And Creating Your First Blog Post! 19

4.1.     WordPress Installation Guide – How To Install WordPress Through Your Hosting Account 19

4.2.     Step 1 – Buying Domain Name. 20

4.3.     Step 2: Purchasing a Hosting Plan: 23

4.4.     Step 3 – Installing WordPress Through HostGator Fantastico. 26

4.5.     First Blog Post Creation in WordPress. 33

4.6.     Time To Write Down My First Post! 36

5.           On Writing – What To Blog About And How To Sell It?. 39

5.1.     Pick a Blog Subject That Appeals To Potential Readers. 39

5.2.     Enough Said – What If I Want To Blog And Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer?. 43

5.3.     Set Your Goals Higher Than The Mark You Are Trying To Hit! 44

5.4.     Writing Tips – How to Be a Better Writer And An Awesome Blogger?. 46

6.           SEO, Social Media Presence, WordPress Plugins – What You Need To Know About Them?  48

6.1.     SEO – How to Get The Most Out Of It?. 48

6.2.     On Page and Off Page SEO Games. 50

6.3.     On Page SEO – Factors That Define Your Blog’s Popularity To Search Engine Robots: 51

6.4.     Off Page SEO – Effective Tips for DIY SEO.. 52

6.5.     General SEO Tips – What To Do And What Not to Do?. 54

6.6.     Social Media Presence and WordPress Plugins. 57

7.           Conclusion – Last Minute Recommendations: 61

7.1.     Is It Wise To Hire a Professional?. 61


Welcome to “Blogging for Your Business”; you are looking at a very unique eBook with a very common title. Trust me, if it were up to me, I’d have chosen another title. But seeing to the fact that blogging has established itself as an authority platform, any other title would have been a misguiding mistake.

How is this book unique? – In addition to this question, you might also ask yourself, “Isn’t this book like one of those useless epitomes of online money making schemes – the ones that are always written to fill an E-preneur’s hollow pockets?

Well, first of all, it’s a book about blogging for women. Secondly, after apologizing to all the potential male readers out there, I’d like to say that women no longer wish to sit idle at home, while attending to a rally of babies and usual domestic chores. What better way to help a stay-at-home mom than to write an eBook for her, which would eventually turn out to be an exciting money making business.

With that being said, if you are a guy and you want to read this book – go ahead and do it. You will learn a lot of new things. There are no controversies, or any degree of biasness, in this book. If you want to make some cash, while doing your day job, ‘Blogging For Your Business’ can be used the way it was intended to be used! Let alone, if followed properly, this book will eventually help you to establish a permanent online business. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Let’s see what lies ahead…

What to Expect From this eBook?

In this book, you will find details about how to start blogging on your own. Through a collection of fascinating guidelines, examples, videos and outgoing resources, every effort has been made to help readers get independent in whatever internet based business they are interested in going for.

As mentioned earlier, the sole intention behind this eBook is to help those people, especially women, who are desperate for accruing more than just a steady flow of cash. It’s a common observation that newbie level bloggers don’t know how to deal with blogging related conundrums. Mind it; it’s not about creating an account at Blogger, and going on with your daily rants.

To some people, blogging is about creating an identity, a scrupulous way of connecting with individuals all over the globe. Being able to listen, and the liberty of being heard from the comfort of one’s home, is probably one of those dreams that people yearn to fulfill.

Blogging, in fact, has become a profession these days. If taken seriously, you could be making a whole lot of cash, than what your day job is currently promising. Things, like; defining blogging, your daily goals, setting up your first blog post, SEO and tons of other stuff is awaiting you in the following flurry of passages.

So what are you waiting for? Get a smoldering mug of coffee, fire up your computer and let’s get started on Blogging and money making in a whole new fashion!