1.    Chapter One: Blogging – What Do I Need to Know About It?

An elegant definition of blogging would suggest that it’s a chronological order of personal thoughts, mixed in with your feelings, different money making techniques and an assortment of web links. Let’s see how ‘Marketing Terms’ website and Wikipedia define blogging:

The ‘Marketing Terms’ definition of blogging is:

A blog is often a mixture of what is happening in a person’s life and what is happening on the Web. A kind of hybrid diary/ guide site, although there are as many unique types of blogs as there are people (in this world). People maintained blogs long before the term was coined, but the trend gained momentum with the introduction of automated published systems.” – From ‘Marketing Terms’: http://www.marketingterms.com/dictionary/blog/

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say in an official lingo:

blog (a  ]   .” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog

What is your stance on blogging? Or should I ask: “What is your stance on Blogger Blogs?” Most hopefully, as a new blogger, or someone, who hasn’t been in touch with blogs that much, you will think that Blogger blogs are all that is to blogging .

Even though, this book isn’t about ratting out Blogger as a platform, it is true that it’s not good for many people out there. The appealing factors about Google’s platform are that it is easy to use, while being a free and highly accessible resource to all kinds of internet junkies.

However, is Blogger a preferred mode of blogging for professional bloggers out there? No, it isn’t. You will find out about it soon enough in this book. 

1.1.          Define Your Goals Before Blogging:

Why and what do you want to blog about? Is it just another move to be noticed, or are your blogging adventures going to be well targeted? According to rough guesstimations, people like to blog about their opinions against something, a particular fad, or just to express an issue. This phenomenon is more common in women.

Because women normally don’t have technical skills and no particular interest in taking blogging as a profession, they hop on to free platforms and just blog about things that don’t really matter. To them, blogging is like filling pages of personal diaries or a retrospective of daily ventures into the life of a no-body.

Guys also do that. Let me give you a version of blogs that are not well targeted: 

Expletive Deleted - Rod Robinson's Blog

The above blog is an example of what was being referred to earlier. These blog posts are great but they are only meant to pour out feelings about meeting daily dose of challenges in life, how a person is feeling and etc. Also, in addition to the “uselessness” of such kinds of blogs from a monetary or, business perspective for at home women, there are a couple of technical faults.

First off, there are no major social media links. What if you found a great post but due to the lack of Twitter or Facebook’s share button, you are unable to send the word out. Secondly, the admin of this blog post unknowingly left the “Display Format” options at the disposal of readers. If it were a high traffic blog, its post layout would cycle between all the options in the top black bar.

Here is another example of a blog that hasn’t been updated in a long while. This one is owned by a woman:

A Question for all the Pregnant People - Google Blog Image from Blogging for Your Business

‘Kymm’; the person who owns this blog, seems to be expressing her opinions about motherhood and pregnancy – A great topic, but untapped to a great extent. If you like to blog this way, just to pour your heart out to all the readers; go ahead and do it. But do it in your spare time.

According to this book, your blogging antics should be more professional. I promise you this: as soon as you will make your first dollar, you’ll become more focused in the online world. It will be a lot easier for you to follow a particular niche, while being able to write down what your heart desires.

1.1.          Are You Willing To Commit Yourself To Blogging?

Did you know that the entire web world oversees millions of blog creations every single day! No doubt, it’s a huge volume but only a fraction of these blogs remain online and are constantly updated throughout the year. Half of the weblogs are more like thought dumps, which aren’t any better than fly-by plans; here today – gone tomorrow sort of thing.

The most common reason for this kind of abandonment is:

  • I Quit Updating My Blog Because I Was Lazy
  • Didn’t Have Time
  • I Was Updating It But I Couldn’t Make Any Money – Quitting Seemed Like a Viable Option
  • Is It Lunch Time Yet?

Here is a question of fairness, honesty and integrity about blogging:

“Are you going to be fair in this business? What is the level of your commitment to the online ventures?”

To Blog or Not to Blog is a Tough Question - Google ImagesIt does seem funny that when we log on to Facebook, or Twitter, time just flies by. There’s so much stuff to talk about and everyone seems to enjoy the conversation. Well, guess what, you can do this through blogging as well. It is all about perseverance and a change of perspective, if you ask me.

A friend of mine recently quit blogging after a whole year of non-stop updates because she thought that it wasn’t her style. Can you believe that? The realization phenomenon sometimes kicks in a little “late” for some individuals because of their level of priorities and choices in life.

1.2.          Why People Quit Blogging After They Are Half Way Into It?

Continuing the above discussion, when asked for a solid reason about quitting blogging, she said that there was a lack of chemistry, connection and a meaningful debate. You see, there are types of individuals who like to blog because of popularity factors.

To some so-called “aspiring” bloggers, a little trip to Famedom seems to be quite intriguing. They start blogging as soon as possible and before you know it, a truckload of comments are rolling in from everywhere.

Ironically, it appears that taking a stand, or remaining persistent to a cause is not everyone’s “style”. So, quitting seems like a good option because it’s always at a blog owner’s disposal. If you are thinking about doing the same thing, STOP reading this book now.

The only reason I’m still talking about blogging from an introductory perspective is to get your priorities straight. If this would have been a regular eBook about how to make money in X amount of days, you would have probably learned a bit or two about creating your first post and etc. What most authors don’t care about is actually helping someone who really deserves it.

Obviously, if you are thinking about staying in a “Celeb Zone” on the internet, you are not going to attract a lot of attention. Girls might be a little lucky but guys? – don’t bother asking. What normally happens in opinion based blogs is a creation of small circles.

Let’s say, Sam is blogging about How Life Has Been Unfair to Him and Lisa is blogging about Her Parents Not Listening to Her. Both these blogs will attract readers from a very specific age group. Sam, without probably knowing it, is attracting office goers, single parents, disgruntled employees, teenagers and many other fanatics who like nothing better than complaining.

Lisa is busy attracting teenagers. Two circles are created and the only intrinsic value they are delivering is their own honest opinions. That’s it – nothing, nada, zilch. Even though these types of blog owners are visible, they are still invisible to the rest of the world. Mind it, the internet is probably more populated than real life world because of trillions of users from all over.

This massive volume of users means that you have that much number of opportunities knocking at your door. Are you willing to seize them? Of course you are. Okay, so what if you want to create an opinion, based blog – how does a person go on about doing that? The answer is simple: “Do it in a kind and nurturing manner.” Don’t drive your own bandwagon – let others take part in the discussion.

Reshuffle your priorities and try to be seen as a fair person, who cares about others’ opinions as well. Your ethics will be congruent with the words and beliefs of all the readers who are out there. Eventually, a tremendous amount of power will be at your disposal because you will be looked up to, by many individuals on the internet.

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