I’d like to talk to you about writing tips that I gathered over the last 4 years. To start off, my first client was the kind of a person who hardly appreciates anything. He was a perfectionist. If I made him smile through my writing, it genuinely meant that he was impressed.

Craft of Writing - Stephen King

Mr. WhatIzName used to point out my mistakes. We worked together for several months until he had to let me go because of my writing quality. I still have a lot to learn but if I look back today, the current position is much better than ever.

To a little or great extent, the following tips about writing, will help you correct your style:

  • Be a great conversationalist. By using a conversational style, you will be “talking” to your readers, while blogging. Mind it, successful bloggers use this style because it is more relaxed and allows a certain degree of flexibility.
    • Take the example of this book! It was written in a casual/ conversational tone.
  • Tenses matter a lot. Don’t mix present, past and future tenses with one another. If you don’t know a lot about tenses, like I, keep on writing and you will eventually get it.
  • Don’t mix common words, such as;
  • Me
  • I
  • Peak
  • Peek
  • Pique
  •  Always use three dots if you want to give your sentence an unfinished look. “Read On…” is an example of what I just wrote about.
  • Commas can be your friend if used properly.
  • “Its” and “It’s” are not same. “It’s” is shorthand for “It Is” and “Its” is used when you are writing about something related to something/someone.

Recommended Reading:

–          Elements of Style – Strunk, William Jr (1918)

–          On Writing: Memoir of Craft – Stephen King

These two books were a life saver for me. They are a MUST READ!!!