This is probably the last chapter in my ‘Blogging for your Business’ ebook series. There are a few important things about SEO, content writing tips and overall stuff to help you get through the thick of it. Most importantly, based on my experience, I have written down some motivation stuff. Don’t forget to share your thoughts through the comments section below.

General SEO Tips – What To Do And What Not to Do?

  • Link diversity matters a lot. Whenever you are creating back links or hiring someone to create them, don’t forget about diversity. Know what that means? It means that if 100 links are coming from the same blog, same IP address, or a same source, Google will not regard it as highly as a website that’s getting backlinks from different sources.
    • Link diversity also means that links have to be different in style/ categories. For instance, you should have a combination of Do-Follow, No-Follow, Forum, Profile, Blog Comments to make up for the total volume of back links.
  • There is one hell of a difference between Homepage Optimization and Webpage Optimization. The first one means that you are only optimizing your Homepage for a specific keyword or a set of keywords.
    • In order for you website’s strong presence in the Search Engine ladder, the rest of the pages also have to be optimized. Who said SEO was easy?
  • Link velocity is as much important as creating 10 links in one day. If you are not going to continue with your link building speed every single day, the search engines will suspect you for abnormal link building behaviour. For the first 1 – 2 months, maintain the velocity of building links and stick to it no matter what happens.
  • People think that for a particular category blog, the links have to come from the same category. If your blog is about pet grooming tips, someone will tell you that the back links, if driven from same category blog, will give more value and recognition to your website.
  • Terry Kyle and many other SEO experts did a research on this. They built over 3,000 backlinks by following the same niche. It turns out that this technique/ formula doesn’t apply at all. What really matters is the link diversity and the page rank where the link came from.
  • Never underestimate the power of social media. Even though your post is not technically “indexed” by tweeting or updating it to Facebook Wall, it will be read and shared with many readers. Not to forget the fact that some posts become a viral trend for a particular Post – Hence leading to a viral trend for a little while.
  • Did you consider using YouTube as a promotional tool? Forget about being camera shy or whatever. Even if your videos get a “whopping” 200 views a month, at least they will be indexed and seen by people out there in the web world.
  • Google owns YouTube. It means that Google gives a fair amount of regard and recognition to videos that are posted on YouTube. Haven’t you seen most of the YouTube videos ranking higher in Google Search Results? These videos beat conventional websites through views, likes and overall number of shares.
  • When uploading YouTube videos, don’t forget to share them on social media networks.
    • BEFORE uploading a video, request critique from your friends and loved ones. They will pinpoint faults in your narration, video quality and stuff like that.
  • Do not give up on Blogging. Even if your blog remains inactive and you haven’t been giving much time to it, the age of your domain will increase day-by-day. A one or 2 year old blog is more valuable to Google than newly created blogs. The search engine begins to “trust” old blogs because they have established a footprint in the market.
  • Done with blogging? Well go ahead and Flip your website/ blog for an insane amount of cash. Each day, Flippaoversees a plethora of massive auctions. People sell their websites all the time. In fact, some folks, who have a Flippa Mindset sell their blogs/ websites every few months and move on to the next project.
  • Sorry to break it to you, but buyers only buy blogs and websites that have the potential of money making. When placing your website for sale at Flippa, submit proof of income and traffic so that potential buyers will have a reason to believe you.
  • Never rat someone out in the internet world for a lousy reason. If someone had been unfair to you for some reason, it is your job to uncover his/her deeds through a nice fat blog post and a link to the impostor’s blog. But if you are just doing it for the fun of it, your blog and name will get muddy. The online world is a very SMALL place.
  • Do you know anything about Pinging? Pinging is known as the act of notifying search engines about latest updates made to your blog, and the latest back links that you just created. What I normally do is that I manage a separate Excel file to keep track of all the back link URLs on daily basis.
  • Once I am done with creating backlinks, I copy all the URLs from my Excel sheet and ping them one by one at different pinging websites. Pingomatic and Ping Goat are my personal favorite.
  • Social bookmarking is another element of SEO that’s taken lightly by many beginner level bloggers. There are many programs and free online services to create social bookmarks concerning SEO and back linking techniques.
    • In addition to following all these tips, also jot down the steps written in the following image to better implement back linking tricks. These tricks are practiced by most of the professional Search Engine Optimizers out there these days.

Quick Start must do SEO steps

Fire up your blog's SEO with these tips

Social Media Presence and WordPress Plugins

“She”, who controls the social media, has an insane amount of authority over competitors. You are selling a product, providing a service or just blogging for making money online, what good is it going to do if the folks from social media communities haven’t heard about it?

Facebook and Twitter are the most obvious social media platforms. Use them to your advantage. Instead of using your own Facebook profile for social media campaigns, create a Facebook page for your blog. Get people to like it and you will eventually see all the traffic pouring in from different corners of the world.

I made the mistake of not creating a social media presence several years ago. I still regret it because I could’ve gained a lot of followers this way. However, at the same time, it is very important that you update your blog’s Facebook page. Leaving it untouched is just like screaming in a vacuum chamber!

How To Get People To “Like” My Facebook Page(s)?

Yeah, that’s a tough move right there. To be honest, you will not be able to get “Likes” if you:

  • Do not have a lot of Facebook friends.
  • Do have tons of friends but your account remains inactive for weeks.
  • Only use account to update posts about Mafia Wars or City Ville achievements!
  • Are not connecting with people in the similar niche.
  • Are not overall active.

The above tips were for those people who want to create a presence through free modes. However, if you are willing to spend a penny for your blog’s Facebook page, go ahead. Advertise your website a little. Through Facebook Ads, you will get a massive number of Likes within a few days, or weeks maybe.

Same kinds of techniques apply to Twitter. The biggest benefit of Twitter is the unlimited amount of followers. Facebook Friends limit is only 5,000 but Twitter doesn’t stop there. The more followers you have, the more Tweets are going to be out there about your website, service, latest post, product and etc.

  • Twitter is also very competitive. Half of the Twitter population is made up of “Easter Eggs” (Fake Profiles), Quote Profiles, and online marketers who are desperate for a little recognition.
  • No one bothers to read Twitter DMs (Direct Messages).
  • Try getting followers manually. There are a lot of software that let you add followers automatically but they cannot and they will NEVER be able to beat the humane touch!
  • By simply posting your website link in your Twitter Profile intro, you are sending and open invitation to all your friends and followers to click it. It works!

Moving on, let’s talk about all the amazing WordPress plugins out there. Plugins are an essential part of all the WordPress websites on the internet. They define a great proportion of how a website will look and act like during its working stages.

For almost every desired task, there is a plugin out there. You just need to find it and install it in your WordPress blog to get it working. Always bear in mind that plugins also consist of viruses and malicious script. It is therefore recommended that your download them from official WordPress plugins directory, or through the WordPress website.

To install plugins, you can select the “Add New” option from the main “Plugins” link in your WordPress Dashboard. See the image below to get a better idea of the option’s whereabouts:

Wordpress Plugins menu

In addition to following the above technique, follow the YouTube video link in the next screenshot. This will lead you to an introductory video about WordPress plugins. This guy has a gullible accent but he is doing a great job of shedding a great deal of light on WordPress Plugins and their awesome features.

Famous 5 minute wordpress installation video screenshot

As you can see here in the above image, there is “Akismet” plugin listed in this guy’s plugins list. Akismet is an awesome plugin for stopping spam comments that come from all over the internet. These comments are usually follow the same “Blog Commenting” back link building techniques that we talked about earlier.

2.  Conclusion – Last Minute Recommendations:

Perhaps, the biggest recommendation that I can give to you is all about hard work and dedication. Blogging is not a child’s play. I know, I talked about it over and over again in this book. If it weren’t important, I wouldn’t have stressed it.

To me, a website is like a baby. You take care of it in the first few years, and it will continue to take care of you throughout the rest of your life. Always keep your head high and don’t mind hateful comments. Sometimes it is good to get a little bit of motivation from haters as they tend to pinpoint certain things that we never pay attention to that much.

2.1.      Is It Wise To Hire a Professional?

The subject of hiring a professional to take care of your website is entirely up to you. New bloggers don’t have a lot of money to hire someone, but if looked from a positive angle, it is a one time investment only. At the same time, it is very important that you hire credible professional; people who have been into web development and marketing field for several years.

I personally recommend MultimediART because I’ve had a very nice experience with their web developers. This is an Australian company that took several years of research and hard work on its team members’ part. Feel free to contact MultimediART through their website’s contact page. You can also call them directly or send them an email for a custom quote.

Usually hiring an expert can help you:

–          Save a lot of time.

–          Save a lot of money that would have been wasted if new service providers are hired for individual changes to your website/blog.

–          Can help you develop a strong social media profile.

–          Create a marketing campaign that’s bound to work.

–          Make professional YouTube promotional videos.

–          Dress up your blog the way you like, and the way your readers would prefer.

–          Analyse and monitor frequent statistic reports for custom traffic targeting.

Another good tip lies in being independent. Do not rely on only one source of income on the internet. Each day, the online world goes through rapid changes. If you are only making money through Google Adsense, or one particular network, I’d recommend that you add an alternative source of income to your website.

What if, due to a newly applied Search Engine Algorithm, your website’s rank goes down to a jaw dropping level? I have seen guys and girls literally crying over the fact that how Google ruined their online business. Well, Google didn’t. You did it to yourself.

Google is a multi billion organization. Why would it care about you? Likewise, if you are only promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate, go for physical networks as well. Amazon is great for recurring commissions and credibility of products. Same goes for CJ (Commission Junction), NeverBlue and many other popular affiliate marketing networks for physical product promotion.

Not to mention the fact that Google Adsense accounts can be banned any day, you are always walking a thin line if a single technique is being followed. Jeremy Schoemaker, of once said, “No one fails in the online world. It’s just that people quit right before being successful.”

Success is an eventual result if you are going to remain consistent with your money making schemes on the internet. Always remember that whatever you do, never compromise on your character. There have been stories of people who sold their once impeccable work ethics for a measly amount of money. It takes a second to ruin your reputation; it takes a lifetime to create it.

Good luck to you and I pray from the depth of my heart for your success. Always indulge in reading latest articles about SEO discoveries, the future of blogging and listen to what experts have to say. This will keep you up to date concerning any new changes that are about to be imposed.

PS: Don’t forget to enjoy life and take a moderate amount of rest!