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Tired of running short of camera supplies and the right kind of accessories? I bet you are. At times when you don’t have a trusty tripod support to count on, an extra lens or an array of memory cards, you, my friend, are in for a bumpy experience.

Don’t worry as you are about to read about the most interesting must have DSLR camera accessories that every photographer is supposed to be loaded with. Here’s what we have scooped up from the depths of photography archives on the internet:

Essential Camera Accessories for Pain Free Videography/ Photography Ventures:

Got a Pair of Extra Batteries?

Extra batteries may sound like a bit of a luggage. However, imagine a scenario where you are probably at the verge of filming or photographing your career’s turning point stuff. It would be a shame to see the battery running out on you, wouldn’t it?

Newbie level photographers often make the mistake of relying on the battery that’s already loaded in their camera. Please don’t do that. Sometimes when you have a high end Canon DSLR or a Nikon Camera, you will probably want to set maximum settings. High end settings consume memory card space and battery life at twice as much speed.

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UV Filter for Added Camera Lens Protection:

A good quality UV Filter for DSLR cameras is hard to come by. They go all the way down to $5, while probably $100 being relatively expensive. So what exactly is a UV filter for? Well, if you have a DSLR camera with a decent lens, or a default lens, you will need the UV filter to protect the lens from catching dust, grime and scratches.

People, who know the importance of a UV filter, would rather invest in a high end filler, than spending double amount of money on a lens replacement. Remember when we talked about Canon T3 Rebel series camera review? This is the kind of device that needs UV filter protection. Same goes for your DSLR as well.

Your Camera Cleaning Kit:

Your digital camera cleaning kit must have the following components:

What Makes a Good Quality Camera Case?

Moving on, the next important element in our must have camera accessories arsenal is a camera case. It doesn’t matter if it is a DSLR camera or one of those Instagrams from your grannies age old collection – They all need good quality camera cases.

Especially, starter photographers literally carry their expensive DSLRs like a baby – they can’t tolerate to have their devices slipping down to be shattered in million pieces. You should go for a strap camera case that you can hang proudly on your chest or by the side of your hip.

This camera case needs to have enough slots to support extra chips, your collection of DSLR Camera Memory Cards, extra pair of batteries, CD Roms, camera charger and any other camera survival accessory of utmost importance. Remember, it is not just a case for your camera body; it is a case for your entire camera accessories. Choose wisely from ‘Infinarium | Top Quality Camera Cases”.

Portable Hard Drive for DSLR Cameras:

The “problem” with DSLR cameras is that they take huge chunks of memory space. Forget of point-and-shoot camera models because the old ones used to store images in mere bytes, or a few MBs. The DSLR age requires more memory space and at least a TB worth of hard drive for long lasting data management.

Your best bet is to invest some money in an external hard drive for your digital camera. Keep this hard drive in a safe place at your home. Whenever you are back from your photography trip, just plug in the portable drive and store all images from your camera memory cards to the external device. Not only is this habit going to keep your data organized, it will be safe forever.

Take a look at some external hard drives for digital cameras and PCs. We rounded em’ especially to meet your requirements.

The Best Camera Lens of all Time?

I’d say it is the nifty fifty lens. If you are not a photographer, then you should call it the 50mm F1.8 lens. It is best for getting super crisp results, blurry backgrounds, a buttery bokeh effect and literally anything that you could conjure up with your imagination.

The nifty fifty or the 50mm F1.8 lens is cheap, light to carry and comes handy in all kinds of challenging photo sessions.

There you have it; our hottest DSLR camera recommendations to go along with your next field trip. Don’t forget to check all of these things at Amazon or any other online retailer of your choice for best deals.