The primary objective of the iPhone 4 was to be a user friendly smartphone, but Apple made a few changes here and there. The device was immediately thought to be fit for use in the business and home user based community alike. There are some specific applications that make the iPhone 4, a good device to be recommended to anyone.

Dragon Dictionay Application Official Wallpaper

  • Documents to Go Premium:

Regardless of the market share of iPhone or Android based devices, there is a third party – called Microsoft. “Documents to Go Premium” is a fair example of much needed application on the iPhone platform that allows users to edit, view, create or save a Word, Excel or PowerPoint file. The application is available for $9.99 (makes $10) and it works fine with online services such as Google Docs, iDisk, and much more.

  • Taska:

Taska is all about managing your tasks and “to-do” lists on the iPhone. It is a flexible application that goes well along the requirements of home or office based users. A unique function of Taska is its ability to map out tasks on the basis of geographic proximity to one another.

  • Dragon Dictation:

No need to introduce this well rounded application, we’ve already heard a great deal about it. If you’re in need of voice recognition application, which is not only perfect but also happens to be efficient in coming up with results – Dragon Dictation is made for you then.

  • Cisco WebEx Meeting Center:

First off, this application is free and secondly, this Cisco based application lets you attend and manage meetings anywhere in the world. The WebEx meeting center works on the basis of a Wi-Fi or 3G connection so that its availability is eminent in any part of the world.

I already know that these apps don’t make up for the ultimate or the “coolest” app list for iPhone users. You probably have used a better application; why don’t you share your thoughts in the comments section below?