As soon as we hear the word “Apple”, oddly our mind does not think of the fruit itself. Rather, it takes a stroll down a high-tech memory lane with flashing gadgets all around. iPhones, iPods, iPads, MAC books and what not, Apple certainly has changed not only the way our mind perceives the very word “Apple” but it has also revolutionized the way we interact with the world.

Apple has been producing one market capturing gadget after the other and has contributed a lot to the improvement in the expectations from the tech industry. This has not only led to increased healthy competition in the industry urging more and more companies to provide their customers with high-quality, super-furnished products. Apple is certainly one of the very few companies who have been giving their competitors a run for their money.  

So evidently, while we can relate Apple to high-end gadgets or even alleged labor abuse, we just cannot bring ourselves to associate with World Wildlife Fund! 

Shocking right! As it seems, Apple has apparently changed its ways and has taken a rather proactive approach towards protecting the endangered Chinese forests. The company, all of a sudden seems to have realized that it has some responsibility towards the forests that have been cut down to package its products.

The company, therefore, has decided to take on an environment-friendly approach by wanting to reach a neutral impact on the world’s paper supply.  This has resulted in the somewhat strange alliance between the gadget industry giant and the environmental agency, which has as its objective, the goal of protecting more than one million acres of forest.

It would be interesting to note here that China is the largest timber producing country in the world. With the rapid industrialization of China during the turn of the century, this enormous country has been accused now and then of being involved in adding to the world’s drastic climatic change. 

What do the officials say?

Until now, we have only seen Apple lead a war of producing only the latest and most advanced gadgetry.  So, to see this industry heavyweight take the stage on environmental issues did take many by surprise. This may seem too friendly an approach towards the environment and that too by a tech giant, to be true but a press release by WWF CEO confirmed the collaboration. He stated that WWF and Apple, together aim to make China a more environmentally stable country by minimizing the impact of pollution.

How do they seek to achieve this one may ask? The answer was also provided in the release with WWF CEO stating that the association aims to produce more wood from responsibly managed forests. This would not only result in increasing China’s timber production but also reduce the ecological footprint. Apple’s VP environmental initiatives did not seem any less enthusiastic.

In a statement, she compared forests to renewable energy resources which emphasized Apple’s latest eco-friendly strategy. CEO Apple, Tim Cook, also clarified Apple’s point of view further by adding that Apple aims to take advantage of its current position and reduce carbon emissions from manufacturing process. He further added that this goal may take the time to achieve, but it’s about time that the first step was taken. In its annual environmental impact report, Apple has strongly emphasized that the climatic change has to stop.

What to expect next?

Well, we are not sure about what features the iPhone 7 is going to have but Apple also has made its ambitions regarding its eco-friendly policy very clear. Apple has announced its goal to run all it global operations on renewable energy sources. This means that Apple itself will be taking initiatives to construct and install renewable power plants in countries where the company has its operations established.

The first step was taken when two 20-megawatt solar farms in Sichuan Province were installed not more than three weeks ago. Apple claims that the plants will produce more energy than that taken by all of its plants, offices and stores throughout China. This a great leap forward and reassures masses all around the globe that soon, Apple will be doing similar acts of environmental friendliness in their countries too. After all, Apple is an internationally acclaimed brand with around 500 stores around the world.

With an industrial giant talking about the betterment in the environment, the flame of hope does rekindle in the hearts of many who have been since long demanding that such companies take some moral action. And while we cannot predict the future, Apple’s PR is certainly about to take an exponential rise that may even result in increased sales.

This is because customers now do take into account the company’s overall character, its stand on ethical and moral issues. There has been a significant increase in sales of the companies who have been acting more environment-friendly than the others.

Our take on the issue

It is both refreshing and astonishing to hear such news from an industrial success like Apple while most others are busy making the profit for themselves only. But, it does seem related to some other issues that Apple had to face in the not so distant past. Not very long ago, Apple had to face labor abuse allegation by a prestigious new broadcasting channel. With several alleged leaked photos and videos from Apple production factories around the world, Apple’s reputation as an ethical organization did get stained.

While the company took a firm stand and stood its ground by strictly rejecting any such allegation, people all around the world indeed questioned Apple’s workplace values. Was it merely the fear of having a bad name to the company or has it got something to do with the fact that China is the second largest Apple market after America. Is Apple really sincere in its efforts, only time will tell?  For now, that Apple has had a real conscience awakening and, as they say, better late than never.

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