Sorry to be a little late to the party… but this just got in at my side; Dark Souls 3 is currently available at a discount at various online hubs. For instance, PC gamers can purchase DS 3 for a slightly low rate at Steam store, fortunately a luxury for those who can afford these days.

By the way, I didn’t notice the discount until my PS4 prompted me earlier today about a patch download notification. I checked the notifications area, and there it was showing that some new patch for Dark Souls 3 was downloaded and installed. Later, I checked my PC Steam account to get the same notification concerning this game.

It seems that the developers of the massively popular Dark Souls 3 title have released a new, and very recent update to fix bugs and minor issues for the Ashes of Ariandel DLC. I haven’t purchased the DLC yet, but the update news piqued my interest enough to make me visit Amazon store again. The game is currently available at a discounted rate, as compared to its original price.

Likewise, the Ashes of Ariandel DLC for Dark Souls 3 is also available at a discount. So, if you are interested in purchasing whether the DLC or the actual game, now would be the right time to do so. Nay, now would be a little late to do so, but the ball is still in your court because some Black Friday deals are still available online.

I personally visit and use a lot, so I can recommend that you head over there first. However, if some other online retailer is on your ‘Favorites’ list, why not head over there and check the massive discounted games collection. Maybe you’ll find something worth your dime and time.

In related news | Failbetter Games makes new announcement!

You may have not heard about Failbetter Games, but their highly popular title: Sunless Sea may have been your go-to indie game in the last few months or so. Failbetter Games is the developer behind Sunless Sea, and now the upcoming Sunless Skies game series. Since they are working on finishing the Sunless Skies title, they recently made announcement concerning some new stuff that would be available to the gamers.


Unlike its predecessor, Sunless Skies, will feature multiple ports on the entire world map to help advance rapid game progress. Seas, previously, had a very limited scope when it came to ports, which is why some players were discouraged to play the game repeatedly in case of progress loss. Plus, it was a hassle when it came to map navigation in Sunless Sea.

In regards to ports and maps, the director of game development at Failbetter Games said, “The tension created by having to struggle back to a major port will still be there, and the threat of overreaching and dying in the cold, uncaring vastness of space will be just as present as it was in Sunless Sea. But your journeys will be shorter and more varied, and the new opportunities awaiting you in ports even more tantalizing.”

As usual, there will be a touch of Victorian age/ era in Sunless Skies. If you are a fan of H.G. Wells and HP Lovecraft masterpieces, you will definitely fall in love with the highly anticipated upcoming Failbetter Games creation. Let’s see how it goes…