Over a day ago, I received those usual scam emails. This time, the person in question was Sgt. Perry Rice of the U.S. Army and he was more than willing to part ways with millions of dollars. Good Guy Perry needed my help, among millions of people, to move those funds.

To be honest, as much as I am sick of these scammers, I can’t help but appreciate how creative they have become over the last couple of years. For instance, a few weeks ago, there was someone from Africa who connected with me at LinkedIn. This guy was probably an African prince exiled at a very young age. As usual, he had been looking for someone like me at LinkedIn for an unusual amount of funds transfer.

Here is a screenshot of the Perry Rice email | Click to view in full screen

Sgt. Perry Rice Scam

I wonder how these guys keep ending up in my Inbox. By the way, if there is a real Sgt. Perry Rice out there, I seriously request you to run checks for identity theft. The name sounds pretty funny. Once you have read the contents of the screenshot, you will realize that this person is not American. His writing style is not native U.S.

If you have been at the receiving end of these money transfer emails, please do not respond to these guys in any way. Usually, upon acknowledgement from the receiver’s end, they ask for a small “processing fee”, which would enable the fund transfer process. These scammers are not limited to internet only; mobile phones, SMS, and real life mailing addresses are also used to create fake lottery scams to trap unsuspecting visitors.