Google Nexus showing the Default ‘Google Now’ Interface at Home Screen

Google Nexus 5 was showcased a few days back, and will be made available in the Asian market soon. The Android 4.4 KitKat OS is already enticing not only potential Nexus 5 users but all the developers who will be creating apps for a long line of devices in near future.

Now if you already own a Google Nexus 5 smartphone, or have tried the previous Nexus product line, you already know about the ‘Google Now’ feature. The problem with Nexus 5 and ‘Google Now’ is that ‘Google Now’ has been given a permanent place on the smartphone’s home screen. Whenever you press the home button, and in some cases leave the phone at idle state, ‘Google Now’ screen takes over.

Let’s just say that everyone will not find this feature useful. More importantly, you will eventually grow tired of swiping it away every time Nexus 5 returns to an active state. There are two ways to remove ‘Google Now’ from the Nexus 5 home screen. Both of these methods have their disadvantages but I will leave that to you. Whichever method is suitable for removing ‘Google Now’, go for it:

  • Turning the ‘Google Now’ Feature Off:

If you are using the default launcher, you can turn off the Google Nexus’ ‘Google Now’ feature. To do so, start the ‘Google Now’ app and go to the Menu bar. This bar can be found by tapping on the “Settings” option. Once you are in there, you will see a ‘Google Now’ switch with an On and Off button.

Google Nexus 5 Shortcut to Settings Menu

Simply turn it off and you will no longer see the irritating interface anymore. In return, you will be disabling this feature and all the perks that it offers by default. If you are interested in enabling it again on your Nexus 5, start the ‘Google Now’ launcher and go to the same settings menu. Enable the program by swiping the button to the ‘On’ state.

  • Try another App Launcher instead of the Default Launcher:

There are many application launchers available through the Google App Store. Download the one with maximum number of positive reviews and average rating to see how it works for the Nexus 5. Once installed, the new app launcher will allow you to create shortcuts and link to your most used apps.

In doing so, you will also be replacing the ‘Google Now’ feature. Apex Launcher and Nova Launcher are recommended, but feel free to download any other 3rd party launcher if you are not into the ones that I mentioned here.

The benefit of these launchers is that there is an option to leave ‘Google Now’ enabled but it prevents it from showing at the Nexus 5 home screen. In a way, you will be using the said feature with the added advantage of not seeing it by default anymore.

Please share your experiences about the ‘Google Now’ and Nexus 5 smartphone. I don’t own it yet, so it would be nice to leave a few insightful comments about the company’s latest product.

Note: Image Credit Goes to CNET