It has been a couple of years since I have owned a PS4. Actually, it is my 3rd PS4; I sold the first two to other interested customers at slight discount. They were looking for used PS4 because of budget issues. So I thought, why not sell mine and buy a new one instead.


Anyhow, I didn’t have the PS4 PlayStation Plus subscription right off the bat. To me, it was just about popping in a game DVD and casual gaming for a couple of hours. Then, just to test the waters, I bought a one month PlayStation Plus membership to see what the hype was all about.

The only thing which I do most is online gaming; that’s it. Currently I am playing Destiny, which is how the PS4 PSN plus membership is benefitting me. Other than that, I do not make use of extensive PSN perks. So I can say that if you are into online gaming, you should buy the membership.

On the contrary, if you are not a PSN membership holder, I would never strongly recommend it. There are tons of things you can still do without a PSN Plus subscription/ membership. Take a look…

Things you can do without a PlayStation Plus membership:

  • You can watch online movies via Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu etc. Whichever platform you want to go for, you need to pay for their individual membership/ subscription. I have a monthly Netflix membership and also an annual Amazon Prime membership. I only need to install the concerning app on any mobile device to access my online video collection.
  • You can share your game screenshots or gameplay videos without the PSN subscription.
  • Given that you or any of your family member has a PS Vita, they can do a remote access and play games via the Vita console system. Again, in this case, no PlayStation Plus membership is required.
  • Other things you can do without a PlayStation Plus membership are, but not limited to, comparison of trophy data with players in your friends list, access to PSN Store for latest featured items, sending or receiving messages to your friends and joining PSN party for voice chat while gaming or doing some other activity.

Still, if you want to test the PlayStation Plus membership benefits, I’d advice the one month package. Make a one time payment, get a membership code and redeem it via your PlayStation account. The main and biggest benefit is of course online gaming with a community of fellow gamers.

Other than that, you can always go to the PSN Store for instant access to available games, early beta access to select titles, instant download of select/ free PlayStation themes and many other things. Members also get certain number of games at a discounted rate. It is a marginal discount, but as long as you are willing to remain under the psychological influence of “saving cash”, no one is complaining at Sony.

Oh, and yes, you have the biggest benefit of uploading/ backing up your save games to the PlayStation cloud. This is essentially important if you are looking to upgrade the default PS4 hard drive in near future.