Creating a time-lapse video while using your IOS has never been easier. How so? Instagram, our favorite photo sharing application released an independent application a long time ago, called ‘Hyperlapse’.  It is made available to users at iOS platform for the time being, but you can look it up under different names at Android and Microsoft app stores.

image showing the hyperlapse app icon in smartphone

After downloading the application, users are shown an introductory video on how to use the application for making time-lapse videos, followed by granting the application permission to access the users camera and microphone.  Interestingly this application does not require a connection with Instagram application to work. Meaning these two applications are not linked and ‘Hyperlapse’ can be used independently.

Capturing the video:

Making a time-lapse video through the IOS system might sound intriguing especially with a recently introduced application. On the contrary it isn’t. Recording starts when you click on the white button making sure you are on the recording mode, and another click to stop recording. The only difference is the addition of indicators under the shutter button. The time on the left side represents the total time of recording while the time on the right represents the time-lapse length, which is at the default 6x settings.

Editorial effects:

Editing mode is launched as soon as the video stops recording. You can view a slider afterwards with which speed of the video can be adjusted. The speed range given is from 1x to 12x, giving you full control over how fast or slow you want to play your video.

Stabilization feature is included by default while your video plays. “Destabilize” is at display under the bottom of the screen. Activating this will give you a clear picture of how using this app for recording a video is different from normal recording.

How to share:

Video can be saved by marking the “saving indicator” with the check mark option.  This will save the video to your camera roll. Afterwards the option of sharing the video on either Instagram or Facebook is made available.  If you want to delete the video, the option “X” is given which can be used to delete the selected video. Plus, the blue circle on the record screen gives you a list of the previously recorded videos.

Thumbs up to the creators of this app! I would suggest you to give it a go. If you have a knack for making videos, this app is your thing.