Firefox 29 was released a long while ago. Some people like the layout, the tacky panels and everything; others didn’t. Let’s just say that they are too used to the old Firefox, or shall I say the Vanilla Firefox experience. One of the setbacks that I noticed with latest Firefox version is its striking similarity to Google Chrome.

Of course, Google is a leading company and other browser developers would want to get a bite of the Apple. Chrome may not be the coolest browser out there, but when people prefer it over other browsers, it is obvious that competitors would want to integrate a Google Chrome like experience in the upcoming browser updates.

So coming back to the Firefox 29 debate; there is a still an easy way to get your old Mozilla Firefox layout without messing up with the current version.

How to get the good old Firefox browser layout back?

First off, you are going to need the ‘Classic Theme Restorer’ extension for Firefox. You can either search for it at Google, or you can check for it by following the ‘Classic Theme Restorer download link.’ Afterwards, you can start with the tab shapes and their location process.

You will need Square shaped tabs back. By default, the latest version of Firefox comes with curved tabs, which is obviously similar to Google Chrome. There are multiple styles of tabs to choose from. The extension offers three styles. Obviously the curved style option is there because you never know when you’d want to go back.

Tab location and settings are easy to change through CSR

Tons of options to choose from

Take a look at Classic Theme Restorer options for more personalized experience

The next thing which you’re gonna want to do is to restore the tab location. Surprisingly, the revision 29 comes with reallocated tabs below the URL bar. The Close/ X button is missing from internal browser tabs. For instance, when you press Ctrl + T a couple of times to open new windows inside the Firefox browser, you will not be able to see the “X” button at the right side of each tab.

The ‘Classic Theme Restorer’ helps you get the “X” button on each and every tab. For this thing to work, you will need to click the “Special Tab” in the configuration panel of the extension. Now click the Check Box for “Always Show Tab Close Button” and acknowledge the newly made changes. This effect will take after browser or system restart though.

Next thing is the removal of Start button near the URL bar in Firefox. This button was added to bookmark your last known URL. In other words, if you want to “start” the next time from the same URL before system shutdown, the button will come in handy.

You can get rid of this feature if you don’t use bookmarks a lot. To be honest, bookmarks are rarely used. In the main tab of the extension configuration window, you can un-check the “Start Button in URL Bar” option to get rid of it.

There you go, some of the finest tips and tricks have been shared to help you get the old Firefox experience back. If you have something else to include in regards to this article, feel free to leave a comment below. You can also write to me at