Google Plus has been around the block for a few years now. We are at the verge of entering year 2014 which will eventually mark another year to the platform’s success. I wouldn’t say that Google+ is as much popular as Facebook because at least in Pakistan, I haven’t seen a lot of users using Plus.

However, depending on demographics and a person’s tenacity to meet new people across various social media platforms, Google Plus is doing pretty well.

Google+ Shortcuts Explained in a Screenshot

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts explained for quick access to a number of Google+ features. Some of the shortcuts will help you perform a specific function; such as the equivalent of a Facebook Like, which would be a “+1” in this case.

  • All the arrow keys: Up: Down:

Once you are in the notifications menu or scrolling through notifications, the arrow keys will help you navigate across them. Each notification, when active, is marked with a thin blue bar at its side.

  • Arrow keys: Right and Left:

Right and Left arrow keys will help you go back and forth in notification menu. If the number of notifications is rather large, you can use the Down arrow key or the Up arrow key to move up and down. Whichever notifications that you want to open further, select it with the arrow key and then press Enter button.

  • Marking, flagging and returning:

If you want to mark a notification as “read”, you can do so by pressing the “D” key on the keyboard. Likewise, pressing “U” and “Esc” key will return you to the original list of notifications, and exit the notification menu completely.

On a general note, the “Esc” key function is pretty much standard for almost all the computer related functions. Moving on, Mashable and Google released a Google+ cheat sheet over a year ago. If you don’t have it, you can take a look at it in the screenshot below. My friend shared this cheat sheet with me when he joined the platform.

Mashable's Take on Google+ Cheat Sheet

By the way, I am expecting Google to perform a minor update to show us keyboard shortcuts whenever the mouse pointer is hovered over a button. This will help a lot and eventually you will not have to rely on tutorials anymore.