HDMI cables are something used more or less in almost every household and at office level setup. Nowadays, two companies rule the world of such products; Amazon Basic HDMI Cable and Monoprice. But since HDMI cables are the basic unit, and they perform the same function, which ever company you buy it from, the difference lies in the pricing and the quality of the product.

I am going to try and make it easier for you to choose among the two of them. 

That being said, compared to Amazon’s basic HDMI Cable, the Monoprice six-footer for $1.82 is also one of the hottest products in the market these days. How so?  Take a look at the details below:

Amazon Basics HDMI Cable.

Both of the above mentioned companies offer affordable and economical deals. The ratings given by the customers, for both these cables make them stand side by side. Average rating for amazon cables is 4.7/5 from over 11000 reviews, out of which eighty-two percent are 5/5 and the rest are 4/5. On a personal level, I’ve used both amazon and Monoprice and had not issues with either of them.

Let’s talk about Amazon Basics right now. Going through their web page, and across the HDMI cables section, I found out how exactly they market their product. Based on useless information such as “backwards compatible with previous HDMI standards,” “3D,” “delivers audio video in one cable” and “meets HDMI 1.4 specification”. Let’s just say they don’t really know where their customers are standing knowledge wise, even in the current tech-savvy environment.

Coming to the pricing, here is a price map of their cables:

3 feet: $5.09 ($1.70 per foot)
6.5 feet: $5.99 ($0.92 per foot)
9.8 feet: $7.49 ($0.76 per foot)
15 feet: $11.99 ($0.80 per foot)
25 feet: $16.99 ($0.68 per foot)

In addition to these, there are these two multi-packs as well.

2x 6.5 feet: $7.89 ($0.61 per foot)
3 feet/15 feet: $14.99 ($0.83 per foot)

Evident as it is, it’s cheaper to buy the cable in bulk, as the rates decrease per foot.  The best deal in all of this is the two pack of 6.5 footers.

Now 25 feet seems slightly unreal to use practically and some of us might question its working as well. However, the fact is that if amazon hadn’t tested it, it wouldn’t be there. Most of these long passive cables and their working depends on the gear it is being used with. For example, a particular cable will work with a particular projector and it might not work with any other, similarly for blue-ray.

Closer look at the Monoprice Cable.

If the 25 Ft. ones don’t work, active cables might work, which will be discussed later on in detail. And of course do check the cables before getting them permanently installed with your device.

Now coming back to our comparison between the two, let’s discuss Monoprice.  Widely known as the king of cheap cables selling a variety of cables. It’s a scenario where amazon is trying to fit two things in one box, and Monoprice has come up with boxes of every size and quality. In other words, amazon tries to sell one cable for multipurpose use, whereas Monoprice has a cable for each and every device and of every size, catering to just about every need of yours.  Given below is a price table in which I have limited myself to the cheap thin high speed HDMI cables sold by Mono price.

1.5 feet: $2.03 ($1.35 per foot)
3 feet: $2.57 ($0.86 per foot)
6 feet: $1.82 ($0.30 per foot)
10 feet: $5.15 ($0.52 per foot)
15 feet: $14.54 ($0.97 per foot)
25 feet: $29.00 ($1.16 per foot)

These cables however do not have ether net, but let me remind you that most of your gear lacks ether net as well. Here are a few cables which are Ethernet capable.

1.5 feet: $2.20 ($1.46 per foot)
3 feet: $2.74 ($0.92 per foot)
6 feet: $3.88 ($0.65 per foot)
10 feet: $5.68 ($0.57 per foot)

And then they have these really long cables with RedMere active tech, mostly for lab use.

15 feet: $21.42 ($1.43 per foot)
30 feet: $39.01 ($1.30 per foot)
60 feet: $68.14 ($1.14 per foot)

The 30 gauge 6 foot cable is the best deal among these, keeping in mind if it isn’t too thin for your use. Given the $2 cost, even if you have to replace it once a year, I personally think that’s a good deal. Also, Monoprice offers life time warranty on all its cables. So you can also check out thicker cables depending on the requirement.

On the other hand, Monoprice also offers some Standard size cables on their site. I would suggest not going for them as they only offer a speed of 1080i. These cables seem obsolete to use because high speed cables are expensive just by a little margin. Do keep in mind that Monoprice cables cost more if you buy them from amazon than their retailers or site, given the cost of shipment and the type of cable you want to buy.

Apart from amazon and Monoprice, there are other options available. Going through my HDMI Cable Buyers Guide, I saw a lot of cables which are not by some re-known company and well who know, they might work just fine. But there’s always a possibility of them not living up to the buyers expectation.

In today’s age, when big brands provide you with quality and are worth their cost, it is better not experiment with the products. Practically speaking, every once in a while you might come across a crooked cable which doesn’t work, but chances are very rare.


Monoprice beats amazon with a great margin in terms of short cables. Amazon has better deals for long passive cables. Point being that the price difference between the products of two companies is not much.