If you have been overweight at some point in your life, you are well aware of the constantly growing hunger. During the latter stages of obesity, as the size of the stomach grows, so does the urge for eating more. To tell you the truth, it never fucking ends – and “hunger” cramps are not the only part of the problem here. There comes, lethargy, laziness, sleepiness and an inactivity of overall body as well.

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Just to go off track for a second; if you are feeling lazy for no apparent reason, then there must be something wrong with your BMI (Body Mass Index) or your state of metabolism. The only problem is that these so-called issues don’t seem like an “issue” until the damage has been incurred constantly over the course of few years.

Anyway, this article is going to be about different aspects of an average overweight individual’s psychology. The fat subterfuge starts with stomach contractions. These contractions are known and felt as a common feeling, called: “hunger”.

Experts have also revealed that a person does not have to be overweight to feel hungry at odd times of the day or night. Depression also acts as a catalyst in some cases. Some people who suddenly hear bad news or encounter something upsetting; they revert to eating something such as ice cream etc.

But in this article, I am not going to discuss the relationship between depression and hunger levels. I am going to be talking about just an average overweight Jo, who’d have the tenacity to eat food without sticking to specific meal size or timetable. Everyone knows that an obese human body tends to have greater food cravings at small frequent intervals. As of right now, if you have gained excess weight, there’s nothing to worry about. “Excess” weight is defined as something healthy.

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As your body tips over the age scale, this excess weight starts to take its toll. How so? When a person reaches the age of 28+, the metabolism starts to slow down a little. If you are more than 30 years old, your metabolism can be boosted through some amazing tricks. We’ll talk about them later in future posts.

At the moment, the question about fat people feeling hungry is at hand. At least now we know for sure that metabolism has to play an important role when a person starts to grow old. Now when this metabolic cycle has to go through fast food marathons, junky edibles and artificial beverages, you really take it across the whole nine yards!

Now there are two kinds of fat people:

This category relates to folks with hormonal imbalances. Their extra weight is more like nature’s cruel joke but it can be handled with care, consistency and medication. The second category of fat people is the one that chooses to be fat, without realizing it. The lucky ones who do realize that half of their problems are due to obesity, they deal with the issue. The remaining lot doesn’t give a damn about it. Give them a burger any day and they’ll love you for that.

Am I actually hungry or is it just a false alarm?

To continue the discussion that took off as a mere question related to fat people feeling hungry, let’s see what lies ahead in this article…

According to scientific research, most of the times you’re feeling hungry because of several reasons that don’t point towards an actual state of hunger. For instance, if you’re feeling lazy, then you should drink more water. When was the last time you drank an entire gallon of water in a couple of hours? Maybe you never did.

So when we talk about hunger issues associated with fat people, chances are that they may be feeling hungry because their body wants them to do something else, other than storing food supply. However, people aren’t lucky enough to understand these alarms and indications. They comprehend them as just another case of the munchies at 11:00 P.M.

When Morgan Spurlock made “Super-Size Me”, he said that American people make up for a huge proportion of fat individuals in the world. Let alone, there’re certain American States that are quite well known for ‘breeding’ obesity through McDonalds and KFC.

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When Spurlock tried to talk a McDonalds’ manager into spilling information about company’s weird policies, she ignored him as much as humanely possible. It took this poor guy almost 8 – 14 phone calls to get in contact with her, which didn’t serve the purpose in the end.

Why Americans carry extra baggage Around their bellies?

What is the reason behind America being one of the “biggest” nations? According to ‘Number.Net’ (http://www.numberof.net/number-of-fast-food-restaurants-in-america/) website, the total number of fast food restaurants in America is 160,000. Don’t believe it? We took the liberty of quoting the information for you:

There are 160,000 fast-food restaurants in America. These restaurants serve more than 50 million Americans daily, and they generate sales of $65 billion annually. These fast-food chains expanded so rapidly during the last 40 years, and the number is still growing day by day.

though a catalyst for weight loss, salmon is not really recommneded during summer season

Why was the fast food fact quoted here? It’s because fast food is made up of ingredients that are high on thermogenics. The process of thermogenesis produces heat inside the body at an accelerated rate. Hence, a tendency to gain more weight is developed over the course of time.

Don’t confuse junk food’ thermogenesis with weight loss supplements!

Weight loss supplements, such as Animal Cuts and Hydroxycut, also have thermogenics. However, in this case, these thermogenics are amalgamated with performance enhancing ingredients, which eventually enable the body to release more sweat. This kind of thermogenics reaction is far more different than the one that’s initiated by junk food items.

The diet that’s supposed to work for you:

Enough of the intellectual stuff, let’s talk about diet for a while. First of all, don’t expect any sudden changes in your body and don’t make any sudden changes in your meal plans. Take it slow; take it the natural way.

People, who normally stumble upon weight loss resolution, fail to carry on with them because of the lack of consistency. What good is your 10 day protein only diet regimen’s going to do, if you have eaten like a pig on the 11th day?

Throughout the course of different articles on this website, I, alongside my team of dedicated writers, am going to explain the ins and outs of diet for weight loss. Stay tuned and good luck with whatever you’re up against in life.