How to Change my Android Smartphone Icons with FolderOrganizer?

Ahmed Malik

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18 Nov

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By  default, Android folder icons have become more of a nuisance these days. I mean visually, they look boring. People have becomes way too much use to them – so I thought of introducing a very easy way of changing these icons without actually messing up with any core files.

FolderOrganizer Interface at a Glance – Google Images

FolderOrganizer Interface - Google Images

By the way, there are some very nice 3rd party applications made for the same purpose. However, the downside of installing those apps is having to deal with ads. I don’t mind seeing these ads once in a while. But every time when you enable Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone and see these ads popping up at 50 seconds interval, this really pisses me off.

Changing Android Folder Icons:

I changed the icons through ‘FolderOrganizer’; it’s a nice app, certainly not the best if you ask me, but still very high in demand these days. You can get it easily from the Android Play Store. You won’t be able to make changes to the existing Android folder; the software only lets you create new ones so that you can get away with it.

As much as this is a bit of a hassle that you are not able to tinker with default folder icons, I also think it is a good thing. Remember, when I said something about “messing with core files?” That’s why it is a good thing to not have a go at your default smartphone icons.

–          Run the FolderOrganizer and go to the “Labels” tab.

–          Through your Smartphone’s menu bar, you can create a new label and name it to your liking.

–          Find your newly created folder and go to the Adjust Folder option in FolderOrganizer.

Choose from a long line of different categories and list based configurations, such as:

  • Bookmarks
  • Direct text links
  • Emails
  • Contacts
  • Calls

The option for applying changes to your newly created folder is right there in FolderOrganizer; you can go ahead and change as many things as you want. The most interesting thing that makes FolderOrganizer such as big hit is that you can download the “IconPack” software and use it with FolderOrganizer to add new icons to your collection. The downloaded “IconPack” software will automatically show up in FolderOrganizer’s default list so you don’t have to worry about anything.

In the end, as I said earlier, it is not necessary for you to fall in love with Folder Organizer. You have probably used another icon changing app by now, since there are so many of them available at the PlayStore. Let us know about your experiences and folder icon related issues (if any) through the comments section below. 

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