BB10 fan made wallpaper

Blackberry 10 is a great handset. Other than the fact that the phablet resemblance makes it visually appealing, the cell is also famous for its Android app installation support. While it is true that people fell for the Android compatibility label, it was, and still is, very difficult to install those applications directly.

Well, for starters, you’d have to use Chrome extension or download the Android apps in their default file extension format, which is .APK. Later on, you needed to convert those app extensions to BAR format. Otherwise, the BB10 handset wouldn’t be able to recognize those file formats. It was only then that you could install these applications. The entire process would take anywhere between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours for newbies.

There is an easy, and much better way of installing Android apps on Blackberry 10:

  • A few days ago, Blackberry officially released a core software upgrade for its clients. After installing this update, you are able to install Android applications directly. It means that the apps don’t have to go through the process for file extension change.

If your Blackberry 10/ BB10 has the latest OS software: 10.2.1 running, you will be prompted by your service provider for this small update. Most of the carriers have already notified their customers of the Android compatibility update by now. But if you don’t have the OS version 10.2.1, it means that even if the Android patch is out there, you will not be able to install it.

  • Wait! there is yet another way – How about Amazon app store for Blackberry 10?

This is how the screen looks like when opened from a Blackberry 10 device

Okay, for those of you who don’t want to wait for the official patch despite of OS 10.2.1 installed, an alternative approach is to get the Amazon app store application. Head over to for immediate download on your BB10 handset. It is a 5 Mb application; the download and overall installation process should not take more than a few minutes.

Software license agreement menu for Amazon app store on Blackberry 10

After the installation is complete, you have to sign into your official Amazon appstore account. This will give you access to all the famous Android applications (free/paid) that are already available at Amazon store. You just need to download and install them right away.

Caution: The only setback to the alternative approach is that not all Amazon appstore applications are compatible with BB10 OS 10.2.1. Some of the apps work, while others don’t. There are additional bugs, such as Facebook messenger not giving notifications and etc. In the end, it is still worth it to install and try out this app or the main core carrier released update on your Blackberry 10 device.