Facebook inadvertently keeps on synching photos from your iPhone or any compatible Android device on its own. Opting out, however, is entirely a manual process. Read on to learn how to stop Facebook from automatic image imports.

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Stop Facebook Automatic Photo Synching on iPhone and Android Devices

I’d like to clear one thing: Facebook does not automatically synch your photos. Upon activation, you do get the heads up on auto photo imports and uploads, but this notification seems very harmless, especially when it shows up as a pop up prompt on your cell phone. 99% people just click yes/ I accept and that’s where you notice Facebook importing the entire album.

If you have enabled the Facebook automatic photo synching feature without realizing, you need to disable it. Over the weekend, I got this email from a friend asking me how to disable Facebook photo synching on his iPhone. Somehow all his iPhone snapshots automatically ended up at his Facebook account, without any notifications.

This guy does not remember when he activated the Facebook auto photo synch feature. Therefore he barely knows how to put an end to his misery. If it were you, imagine the agonizing experience of seeing your private photos directly exported from the cell to your Facebook account.

Maybe this was a nice update when it was released for the first time. However, it puts your privacy at stake these days. There are tons of photos that you either don’t want to upload to your Facebook account, or you probably want to upload it to a specific destination, rather than “Mobile Uploads.” What’s even more disturbing is the fact that Facebook will use photo details to personalize ads for your account:

  • Date and Time of the Photographs
  • Location of the Photographs
  • People in the Photographs (if names and tags are included)

This is the kind of info, besides automatically breaching your privacy through image uploads, will be used by Facebook for advertising. In a nutshell, it’s a fiasco for the insecure types.

For iPhone and iPad Users:

  • Press the “Photos” button in your Timeline.
  • Press the Sync Button.
  • Now Press the “Gear” Icon to see Various Options for Photo Synching.
  • Press Do Not Sync and that’s it.

For Android Users:

  • In the Top Left Corner, press the Main Menu button.
  • Select App Settings, followed by Account.
  • Press Sync Photos and you’ll see the “Don’t Synch My Photos” option.

We are constantly struggling to figure out new ways of refining Facebook user experience. This social media website has become a million dollar industry now. They don’t really care about our privacy concerns; they care about generating revenue.

Therefore, it is your job to stay on top of Facebook account settings. These settings are a little hard to understand, I agree, but as long as we are here, we’ll try to help you the best way possible. Have a good day.