So what if you don’t have an eReader, such as Nook or Kindle, specially dedicated to reading books? Yeah, they are great gadgets but also not affordable by everyone. I know a number of folks who saved just enough amount of money to be able to buy an iPad or an eBook Reader. In 99% cases, they went for the iPad.

Variety of eBook Readers to Choose from - Google Images

However, iPad does not have a native eBook reading enhancement. The display is great but if you really want that “feeling” which only comes with an eBook reader, you’re gonna have to rely on high quality apps for that.

Here are some of the all time best and mostly downloaded e-reader applications: 

  • Kindle iPad App:

No questions asked, this application has been there for years now. Before the iPad, people used to download Kindle App for the iPhone or their Kindle devices. Now the iPad version makes e-reading a lot more fun. Through Kindle iPad app, you have access to the Kindle bookstore, there’s a built in dictionary and synchronization option.

  • Stanza:

Stanza is not about poetic verses, this is a simple but highly effective E-Reader app for the iPad. The sheer amount of free content that comes with the software is something that makes it a hit.  Among big names out there, Stanza is mostly free of cost and doesn’t bother that much if it comes to paid downloads/reading. 

  • Marvel Comic Books Application:

Marvel app for the iPad is the coolest thing ever. Marvel itself released this application to let users read comics on the iPad screen. The images are highly vivid, stunning and come with a beautiful interface. A hard copy comic book looks way too shabby than its iPad counter version.

By the way, I am also using a couple of other eBook reading applications for my smartphone and the iPad. I didn’t mention them because they are resource hungry. The display is nice, but it comes at the cost of higher battery consumption levels, which would not be a cool thing for some iPad owners out there.

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