Apple, despite being the front line producer of i Pads and the signature name in IPad manufacturing in the tech industry globally, has had to face some bumps along the road lately. With companies such as Samsung producing devices such as the phablets with added features a large number of user base has fled Apple.

On the other hand, low-end companies have also given Apple a tough run for its money by producing cheap tablets which easily do as much as the iPads if not more. As a result, the iPad sales have been facing a constant decline since the past five quarters.  Rumor has it that Apple is all set to make a grand comeback with a new iPad with extravagant features.

Even though the tech world still does not know if it is to be known as an iPad Pro or an IPad or IPad Plus, there is a lot of enthusiasm regarding the latest to be Apple product. Apple is, as usual, refraining from making any comment, maintaining the aura of mystery that has somewhat become the company’s trademark. But, this has not kept the world from guessing.

From the screen size to the color and features, a lot of speculations have going back and forth all around the Internet. Customers and experts alike, are waiting for the latest addition to the iPad family to make a public appearance.

In the following lines, we take a closer look at all the rumors about the iPad to estimate its possible dimensions and features. Until Apple makes an official statement regarding the matter, we are afraid this will have to do.

Dimensions and Appearance

Whether it’s due to the increase of customer interest in larger screens or the knocking out of the comparatively smaller sized iPads, the iPad Pro has been rumored to be a big device. Sources place the iPad Pro’s screen size to be between 12.2 and 12.9 inches. Either way, compared to the Mini 3 which measures 7.9-inches and the 9.7-inch Air 2, this is going to be one huge iPad.

The width however, is roughly speculated to be the same as that of the Air 2 which measures only 6.1 mm. At this height and width, the iPad Pro is going to be one enormous but sleek device. Its size may prove to be a concern for some but with the increasing trend shift towards larger devices, most of the user base will love it.

As far as the color choices are concerned, Apple will most probably be sticking to its trademark old, silver, and space grey colors. Providing customers with some new color choices however, can only turn out to be a wise card only if Apple decides to play it, that is.


Apple may or may not have thought about it, but connectivity is one of the largest user concerns when it comes to buying a new device. iPad Pro’s predecessors i.e. the Pad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 did not have the Near Field Communication (NFC) feature which did make an appearance in Apples iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The former two however, did have included support for Apple Pay. Moreover, the Apple watch which only recently made an appearance also had the NFC feature. The Apple Pay features has recently been showing some promising potential as it continues to make its way into more and more retail businesses. Therefore, it is highly anticipated that NFC will be making a feature in the iPad Pro as it acts as a tap to pay feature which will only add to the success of Apple Pay.


What do the Apple watch, Samsung s6 and s6 Edge have in common? They all have wireless charging feature! However, according to sources, it is highly unlikely that the iPad Pro will have a wireless charging mechanism however the USB-C port is highly expected to make an appearance in the latest iPad by Apple.

It is however still vague if the USB-C port will be provided in addition to the standard Apple Lightning port or if it will be replacing it. If this happens, this will make a device as big as the iPad Pro, easier to use with external devices like keyboards and monitors.


Apple recently introduced an exciting new feature, the Force Touch. Force touch redefines user interaction with touch sensitive devices as it adds brought pressure-sensitivity to the touch area. Up till now, the Force Touch has only been incorporated in MacBook trackpads.

However, there is great possibility that this feature will make its way to the new iPad Pro as well. Some rumors also discuss the possibility of the iPad Pro coming along with a Bluetooth iPen however, this seems highly unlikely. Steve Jobs time and again ridiculed the idea and if you think about it, the iPen just does not seem like your standard Apple accessory.


Owing to the newer and exciting range of features that it is speculated to have and the exceptionally bigger screen size, the iPad Pro will easily top out iPad Air 2’s price. While some believe it to stay within a $100 range of the iPad Air 2’s price others seem to think that it may go as high as an additional $200. Not to forget that each storage level will require throwing in some extra money as well, $100 per level perhaps.

Release Date

The World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) by Apple is all set to run from June 8 to 12 in San Francisco. With the presence of developers from all around the world, this seems like a suitable opportunity to introduce the iPad Pro to the world. But if we follow up Apple’s trend of introducing new iPads in the October-November time frame since 2012, the timing seems unlikely for the debut of iPad Pro.

However, the bright possibility of Apple introducing the iOS 9 this WWDC cannot be out ruled. The iPad Air 3 and Mini 4 are also speculated to make an appearance at the WWDC but the odds very clearly dictate that the iPad Pro might not make any appearance at all until 2016.