The iMessage feature was introduced back in 2011, as part of an enhanced feature to help people connect faster, and in a better way. On the contrary, there were bugs that were either reported by White Hat security infiltrators, or Apple’s own research team that made the iMessage kind of a hassle to deal with.

iMessage settings menu disable iPhone

The problem is that this so-called bug prevented the iMessage users to receive text messages while they want to switch from the iPhone to an Android Machine, or a Windows phone without having to change the phone number.

A few days ago, one of the company respondent said, “We fixed the server-side iMesage bug. Basically it was causing an issue for some users out there. There is another plan in place to fix the additional bugs that might come up during the future software patch upgrades.”

Patch or no patch, you can still follow these instructions to fix your iMessage text messaging issues:

Disable/ Deactivate the iMesage feature:

Start off by disabling the iPhone’s iMessage before you have any intention of switching to a different mobile phone platform. Go to your iPhone’s Settings application, and switch “Off” the iPhone’s iMessage feature. You can find this in the “Messages” section of the settings menu.

To check whether the iMessage is disabled or not, you can send yourself or your friend a random/ empty text message. For some people it does not work because of how Apple servers detect the “switch off” command. However, I did not encounter such issues. At max you’re going to have to wait 45 days before the feature is switched off. For me, it was instant.

Time to reset the Apple ID password:

And why would you do that? In case you have forgotten, you are probably going to discard your iPhone by either selling it, or by giving it to someone for free. Before doing anything like that, it would be better to reset/ change your Apple ID password for security and privacy reasons.

The best way of resetting your Apple ID password is to go the company’s official website and click the “Reset your password” link. Once you have changed/ reset the password DO NOT log back into your account through the internet. Instead you need to send a text message with the word: “STOP” written in it, and send it to “48369”. Within minutes, you will receive a confirmation message by Apple’s cloud services about you unsubscribing from the iCloud Account.

iMessage settings menu disable iPhone

A lot of users reported that they did not receive this confirmation text message immediately. It can go up to 12 hours’ time period, but that is okay. In the end, you need to make a phone call to the Apple customer care department to make sure that the aforementioned service has been disabled, and you are no longer subscribed to it.