Back in the days when iPhone 3 and 4 were roaming around in the market, the concept of HDR photography was relatively new. Well, not exactly “new”, as in latest technology, but there were some people who were getting used to taking photos with iPhone’s HDR mode enabled. All thanks to Apple developers, they rolled out a couple of OS related upgrades, which made HDR photography a breeze.

HDR Photo Results Comparison for iPhone Users

Also, seeing to the immense demand of HDR, Apple made it available for 3GS users. Anyone with an iPhone 3Gs can use HDR, provided that he/she downloads the application for that. You don’t require a jailbreak to work for the HDR. As far as Jailbreak OS is concerned, it is a cool thing to install.

Though there is always a risk of crashing your applications or running into some kind of unexpected OS related errors, since Jailbreak is not official software released by the company. However, I’d still recommend that you install or at least try out Jailbroken iPhone. If you don’t like it, you can always remove it and go for the official version of the iOS. The installation and uninstallation process can be a little complicated, but it’ll be worth the hassle.

Moving on to the subject of HDR photography for iPhone 3GS users, you can download TrueHDR for $1.99 from the iTunes App store. The new application will enable your iPhone 3GS with the HDR photography feature. There is a small catch though; all features of HDR that are in the iPhone 4, are not exactly identical to the ones in the iPhone 3GS.

At least, with TrueHDR, it is better than having nothing at all. You get to have following features in the iPhone 3GS;

–          New Auto Capture Mode

–          New Semi Auto Mode

–          Extended Support for iPhone 3GS Camera

–          Easy-to-follow U.I.

As far as I know, I did not have any qualms with HDR on older iPhones. The app was nice, and with a little bit of environment light – shadow tweaking, I was beginning to get decent results. If you have already tried HDR photography apps on the iPhone, regardless of the phone version or the OS version, do share your experience with the readers here.

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