On a scale of 1 to 10, the Bose AE2 headphones are somewhere close to ‘8’. At least according to my rating, they are nice headphones and should be tried by tech savvy individuals. The problem with Bose is its average level brand imaging vs. pricing factor philosophy. The headphones look nice; they fill in a regular category of products similar to other competitors, but pricing makes the difference.

Guy enjoys audio track on an iPod with the AE2 headphones in a stadium

Bose headphones and sound systems generally carry a heavy price tag. People who afford these devices come to “regret” their decision if they are not getting a 100% positive experience. It is true that Bose seriously needs to add more discounts to its hot products, but there is the newbie user factor too. New users are skeptic, and if they have not used a particular device, they wouldn’t know much about troubleshooting.

General sound related issue with Bose AE2 Headphones or any other Headphones:

First of all, let me start with the ‘sound quality not too good’ kind of complaints. I mean, there is a very specific category of newbie users who immediately pass on a verdict after using the headphones for maybe 24 hours. Let’s say, you bought a very expensive pair of Sony headphones or a PeeVee custom sound system, and it is not “sounding” great as you expected.

What’s happening here is that the person has not properly “burned” the audio device. I don’t mean to imply that you start putting all your brand new gear into a pit and then douse it with kerosene oil; what I meant is that you need to play some kind of high quality music for a minimum of 48 – 55 hours at a relatively higher volume setting.

If it is a pair of headphones that needs to be burned in/ cooked, you simply plug them in, create a playlist of audio/ video tracks and hit the “Play” button. While doing so, you are optimizing the sound emission levels of the device in question. Therefore, if it is a pair of Bose AE2 headphones, the V Modas or Denon, same process has to be repeated over and over again.

Bose AE2 Front view

So before you start posting stuff about your AE2 headphones not sounding great, make sure that you have fulfilled the preliminary burn-in requirement. Otherwise, you are just passing up on a great product, which would have been a wonderful companion in the long run. Now we move on to some of the most common issues with Bose AE2 headphones.

  • AE2 Bose Headphones Vs. Dr. Dre Beats Audio and Nokia Monster Series:

Beats series headphones have a very trendy look. I have seen them at a couple of local retailers. A friend of mine was in China when he saw the boot copy of Beats headphones; they sounded great, but I did not vouch in for an extra pair.

Regardless of Chinese make or the original U.S. make, Beats and Bose do not compare against each other well. Beats is high on Bass presets, while Bose AE2 are made to fulfill the needs of a totally different category of audiophiles. As compared to Nokia Monster, yes, I could say that both have a close call going on. I’d use Nokia too, granted that they are already burned in.

Bottom line: Bose or Nokia; the choice is yours. Don’t go for Beats headphones.

  • Does Bose AE2 fit in easily in a QC15 Carrying Case?

Hmm, depending on whether you purchased brand new AE2s or a hand-me-down pair, there should be a Bose carrying bag in the packaging. The company provides its customers with these bags upon new order.

I wouldn’t recommend using the QC15 carrying case for Bose AE2; the reason is that they are not made to be compatible with each other. Besides, if you run into some kind of physical cable damage related incidents, you will not be able to claim warranty.

  • Are there any sound leaking issues with these headphones?

When I reviewed these headphones a few days ago, I specifically talked about sound leaking issues. No, there are no sound leaking problems. When compared against V-Moda, Sennheiser and other brands, the sound isolation and leaking are kept to a minimal degree in case of AE2 Bose.

  • Can I use the Bose AE2 with compatible TV sets? I see a headphones port on my TV.

There you go; you just answered your own question. As long as the TV set is compatible, you can use any pair of headphones. In some cases your headphones will not work, which will be indicated by VERY low/ dim levels of sound. No matter how much you increase the volume, it will have very little impact on the results.

Woman listening to Audio Book or music through a pair of AE2 Bose

Bose AE2 headphones can be used with TV sets. Those movies and TV shows will give you a completely unique experience – it’s as if you are right there sitting next to those actors.

  • Can I use these headphones with HTC, Android or iDevices in general?

Yeah, they work with all the smartphone OS. Well, I mean Android and iOS; I have tried them both. I haven’t tried these headphones on a Windows 7 series smartphone. I think most of the compatibility factor depends on the model of smartphone you are using. If it is brand new and has been released recently, it won’t be giving you or the headphones any trouble.

  • So, does that mean that I can listen to audio books in the middle of a heavy traffic day?

You should buy a pair of Bose QuietComfort series headphones if you are going to listen to something in the middle of a noisy environment. The noise isolation factor of the AE2 headphones is not as much effective as the QuietComfort series product line. I’d say, there’s a significant difference.

Also, audio narrations require more attention on the listener’s part. So why would you waste your energy on “trying” to concentrate on an important audio book and that too on a device which does not isolate outside noise?

  • Do the AE2 Bose headphones serve hearing impaired well?

If you are hard on hearing, or slightly hearing impaired, the AE2’s terrific sound quality will not hinder your listening ability. You could hear TV shows, music, videos and anything as long as these headphones are connected with a compatible device. Try adjusting the volume settings to see which level works for you.

  • Bose AE2 Vs. Bose AE2i, which one is better?

The AE2i series headphones were released a little later than the AE2. Bose released the AE2i for a wide range of Apple community users. Think of people who have centralized their homes with Macs, iPhones, iPads and other iDevices. 

The key difference is the Bluetooth and Mic support in the AE2i; it is mainly compatible with Macs and similar Apple devices. With the original AE2, you will not be able to enjoy the full perks that Apple devices are capable of delivering.